Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wino Wednesday {Wine Walk 2014}

The Crafty Wino

Welcome back to Wino Wednesday with me and my co-host High Heeled Love!

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So this is the third year of the Lexington Wine Walk. My family moved there the year it started and I've been every year. It's always such a fun time. This year it was me, two of the sisters and my Huzby.

I didn't get blown away by any new labels but I had some yummy old faves. What did we get from the Wine Walk this year? This beauty...

There is a story behind this that involves an insane face I made when I was a kid and our family's constant obsession with strange faces, but basically, it was a blast. In fairness, we all thought we were posing for a picture.

We discovered we'd all gotten older. We stayed two hours this year as opposed to waiting in line when they opened last year and then closing the thing down. I also managed not to get schwasty this year.

I hope everyone else's summer is getting off to a fabulous start! I am making a wreath for my door and I'll be posting that soon. I'm getting ready for my big spring jewelry show in Lexington this weekend. All my SC ladies in the Columbia area should swing by and say hey!

Happy Wednesday Winos!

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Aubrey S. said...

Looks like you had a good time! We'll have to try to get out for the walk next year and join y'all.