Friday, May 2, 2014

Life Happens, and then we blog.

Post title brought to you by Beth of Living a Goddess Life.

So, I'm back! What happened right? I launched a new look and brand and then dropped off the face of blogworld.

Basically, I was experiencing my first tax season and I seriously over estimated what I could handle outside of work. - Sorry you don't believe in paying taxes or in the federal prison system that will soon house you
Unbelievable the number of people ya'll. For reals.

#30daysofhair wasn't the amazing success I thought it would be, after about a week I forgot to take pictures even when I did actually do something with my hair, and being honest? I didn't go a full 30 days. It wasn't a fail though I found a few cute new styles that I really like and I've added to my trusty fallback list.

Can you tell I like Braids?

Easter weekend was great. It was right after tax season and we managed to keep it very low key and relaxing.

This past weekend I went on a Women's Retreat with my mom and sister and it was a wonderful time. I really needed it. Jason and I have been church shopping but not enthusiastically. Being with the women from their church motivated me to find somewhere that I can get involved with a group like that.

That was April in a nut shell. Let's begin again shall we?

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Beth W said...

Congrats on surviving tax season! :)
I love the braids...that's the best part about having long hair, right?