Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wino Wednesday {1.1.14}


Welcome back to Wino Wednesday with Aubrey from High-Heeled Love and Myself! It's a brand New Year!

Three Simple Rules:

1) Take the Button
2) Write a Wine-related Post
3) Link-up!

So I've been slack! But I wanted to take the time to highlight a couple of the awesome wine-themed gifts I got this year!

I've seen these Picnic Wine caddies before and it's always been something I thought was neat but that I'd never buy for myself. So I LOVE the Wedding/Christmas gift we got from my cousins!

My boss. Do we need anymore indication that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be?!

My family decided to exchange ornaments this year and Megan got me this really cool ornament made from recycled wine bottles. I love it. It is so pretty with the lights!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and that your New Year is fantastic. I promise to be back with more meaningful blog posts very soon!

Happy  New Year Winos!


angel shrout said...

My friend Renee is here from Australia. She loves wine. I have never been able to drink it. So last night she had 2 bottles.. a good bottle and one she picked up that was from Australia. Let's just say the Australian one was cheap for a reason.. eeek. I told her she needed that wine glass, that is too cute.

Aubrey S. said...

That wine glass is too funny. I really like the ornament, too.