Monday, November 4, 2013

I found it.

I could've named this post "The reason my husband will never let me shop with Jennifer again" but that would've been a little wordy.

So once we settle in a little more I'm going to blog about downsizing and the ways that Jason and I are making smaller spaces work for us. When two people ages 29 and 31 get married, there is a lot of stuff. Then you register for better stuff and you have two of everything. My favorite work for the past month has been "donate".

Nevertheless, we have more kitchen stuff than our kitchen can hold. So I've been wanting to get a buffet I can put in our dining room area for more cabinet space and also to put our coffee maker and wine gadgets on. So this weekend Jen and I went browsing at Unclaimed Furniture to see what was out there and how far my money would go.

Then it happened. I found this.

I'm in love with it. It's exactly what I wanted and it matches our other furniture perfectly. Of course it's a little over $1000 and we don't really have that to spare at this moment in time. So I'm getting our second bedroom set-up this week so I can start churning out product for a Wired Essentials Christmas show.

It's my mission to make the money for this beauty by Christmas!

Have you ever found something you just had to have no matter how much you had to work for it?


Miss Angie said...

Ooh that is lovely, but ouch on that price tag! And yes, I get the working hard for it!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Why oh why are some of the best things so bloody expensive........

Aubrey S. said...

LOVE that buffet! Hope you can afford it soon!

holli said...

Oh that is beautiful!!! I would tell the owner how much you love it and maybe they will come down or let you know if it goes on sale. I donated a ton of duplicates last month of our stuff also after wedding.

Nikki Mitchell said...

That piece of furniture is gorgeous!!! Hope you get it eventually. Or maybe you could make something similar.