Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wino Wedding Gifts {11.6.13}


Welcome back to Wino Wednesday with Aubrey from High-Heeled Love and Myself!

Three Simple Rules:

1) Take the Button
2) Write a Wine-related Post
3) Link-up!

So all of my friends know what a wino I am and the result was tons of wine glasses and lots of cool wine gadgets. (Jen is jealous. She can't wait until she gets to register.) Here are some of the BEST wine gifts we got at the wedding.

Needless to say I have great ideas for upcoming weddings now.

Happy Wednesday Winos!


Amber in South Carolina said...

I love my vino vac! :)

Aubrey S. said...

Love your new wine glasses. And we need a vino vac in our house!

So glad to have you back at the Wino Wednesday party, my friend.