Monday, March 25, 2013

Great Friends and Celebrations

I've known Rebecca since we were 4 years old. We met at the Honey Tree (pre-school). She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. We were already great friends, she's so kind I can't imagine how we wouldn't be, but in the 4th grade Allysa moved to town and the three of us became really close. Allysa moved and Rebecca and I had different "primary circles" in high school. But we stayed great friends, and we would spend spring breaks traveling to visit Allysa.

Lys's Bachelorette 2010
High School & Two weeks ago at Becca's Bachelorette
I love these girls. This weekend we got to be together at Rebecca's wedding. I got to be an honorary bridesmaid, which is awesome! I was there for everything without the stress of actually being in the wedding! I'm having several honoraries because we wanted a small wedding party, but I'm excited now and I hope they love it as much as I did!

My honorary flowers and her program. It was all so pretty!
It was such a sweet sweet ceremony and the reception was wonderful. I'm so happy for her and her new hubby. Now for semi-crappy phone pics that still show how completely beautiful she was :)

And what southern wedding would be complete without family cutting up and dancing to Rocky Top?
I didn't start recording til at least half-way through and for some reason blogger doesn't want to upload it this morning.
So that was my weekend. Fun times with great people. It was wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Small weddings are the best! Congratulations to her.

holli said...

Old friends are priceless! I need to know more about honorary bridesmaids.