Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wino Wednesday: Wine Improvement


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Today I'm going to tell you about Wine Improvement.

I stumbled across this company on Have Wine Will Drink a while back and I contacted them about a review and giveaway.

I received three different products to test, Smoothing Red, Smoothing White, and Rescue Drops. I haven't had an opportunity to try all three yet, but I can tell you that the rescue drops really work!

I had a bottle of Sangria in my fridge that had been opened forever (think before Thanksgiving). I'd been meaning to toss what was left, but I thought, I might as well give it a shot with these drops.

I tasted the wine first to see. In fairness it wasn't completely awful to begin with, and wino that I am I probably would have drank it as it was, but in the name of reviewing I added a couple of drops and stirred. Before the drops it had a really sharp finish, the kind of bite that makes your tongue grab hold to the roof of your mouth. After the drops? The bite was gone. It was a great glass of Sangria. Basically the same as I would expect from a newly opened bottle. I was definitely impressed with the results, and as I get an opportunity to try the Smoothing Red and Smoothing White I'll let you know what I think!

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Wine Improvement has generously offered all three product to THREE (3) lucky winners! Use the Rafflecopter Widget to enter!

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Carrie Land said...

I really want to try those rescue drops! I hate pouring out questionable wine.