Thursday, January 24, 2013

January/February Vine Shops

I Walk The Vine

Liz Healy-Kay, I Walk the Vine 
I Walk The Vine is a Portland, Oregon-based company committed to putting style, quality and fun into your love of wine. Johnny Cash pledged his devotion in a song and the perfect beverage deserved a comparable nod.  Started by Liz Healy-Kay in 2008, the inspiration for her designs came from her own quest for stylish wine apparel, something that wasn't preppy or sparkled!   I Walk The Vine features clothing and accessories for the whole family (even babies and dogs!) and can be found at

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Wine Improvement

Scot Clark, Wine Improvement
Imagine a glass of a young Cabernet in your hand.  Taste it, does it make you pucker or is it a little bitter and is it a wine you really do want to drink?  Add a drop of SMOOTH RED; you’ve got a very approachable young wine with more body and a smoother finish.  A $7 bottle of wine becomes a $15 bottle with a few drops. 
Our customers have taught us through thousands of tastings that everyone’s tastes are different.  Pour a bottle of wine for friends and look at their faces after tasting. One smiles, one frowns, one says the tannins are getting in the way of the fruit taste.  So, no drop, three drops, and one drop; now all have a smooth wine. 

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Chaotic Creations

Angie, Chaotic Creations
Chaotic Creations by My So-Called Chaos was born out of a love of creating.  I love to make things-anything from art to crafts to crocheted goods, and I just can't keep or giveaway everything I create so I am selling them on Etsy.  Each item was made with the utmost care and affection, and would make a happy addition to anyone's collection or wardrobe! 

What's Your Ista?
Marlee & Amy, What's Your Ista?
Marlee is a school guidance counselor and a designer, who wants to save the world and make it more beautiful at the same time (peaceista). Amy is a special education teacher, who is a self-described word nerd (wordista or nerdista?) who loves the idea of creating new words with a clever sounding suffix. Between us, we have 5 children to put through college, I mean, who we are raising. Marlee and Amy have been friends since they met in the "transfer student" line at Clemson University in 1986. 

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