Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wanna Play a Game?

Don't worry, I'm not getting all Horror Movie creepy on you. I thought it might be fun to play a little "get to know me" game. And yes, there are prizes.

Basically I'm going to ask you some questions. Depending on how closely you follow me will determine how easy/hard the questions are. But ALL of the answers can be found on my blog.

Ten Questions, Three Prizes.  

It will either be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or if several people score 100%, then I'll draw three of those out of a hat (or, same difference).

To play along, e-mail your answers (you don't want to give it away) and leave me a comment. I like comments :)

1) What is my favorite drink? (I'll start you off with a gimme)

2) What is my boyfriend's name?

3) What is the name of my sister's blog?

4) Who was my first Talk to Me Tuesday?

5) What was the second Just Cause Project?

6) Where do I live? (As close as you can figure)

7) Did I take a vacation this year? Bonus: Where?

8) What is my favorite TV Show? There are two acceptable answers, Bonus points for both.

9) How many tattoos do I have?

10) What is one of my pet peeves? (There are a number of acceptable answers)

Bonus: Who is my hairdresser and what is her blog?

If you are my sister or best friend, you can play, but you can't win!


$10 Starbucks Gift Card

So see? Good Prizes, definitely worth playing!

You have a week to play! I will post announcing answers and winners on December 7th!

Wanna let your friends know you played? Tweet this!

I know @SSG_Danielle, do you? Play along and enter to #win one of three prizes!
Think this sounds like fun and want to start your own game? Leave a comment with the link! I promise to play along!

So, How well do you know me?

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Carrie Land said...

This looks fun! I'll definitely be putting my Google skills to work...