Monday, July 9, 2012

Motivation Monday: Reality Check

So this past week was not the successful week that I hoped for! Between the crazy schedule, the holiday and two cookouts where I couldn't control the food, I dropped the ball. I didn't work out at all, and the majority of the time I didn't follow my nutrition plan. I didn't completely blow it though, I only gained a pound, so I can make that up this week.

So, to motivate myself last night I got lost in my closet :)
I tried on all the clothes that I would like to wear this summer to gauge how close I was to fitting back into them.
I did discover that one dress already fit again (it was one that I'd stopped wearing because it was just too snug, and now it fits perfect). So I plan to add that into my wardrobe this week.

I have two dresses that fit, but they are just a little snug through the hips. I'm hoping to slim down just enough this week so that hey hang perfectly and I can wear one of them to J's sister's bridal shower Saturday.

So I'm going to try and work out everyday this week even if it's just the pinterest work out when I wake up and again before bed each night. The heat makes is hard to walk outside, but hopefully we'll have a few evenings that are cool enough for it.

I didn't share my weight, but I don't know why. I weighed 253 on June 4th. I'm 241.5 as of today. My first goal had been 230 by July 14th, this coming Saturday. I'm thinking I'm not going to make it ;). Hopefully I can get close and make it up by my next goal mark which was 215 by August 20th (vacation).

Also, I have a lot to do at work today and the rest of this week, so I need to keep organized and try not to let myself get distracted by the internet so much! Lol.

It's good for me to remember where I started and where I'm heading. Here is to a better week! :)

How about you guys? Any major goals coming up?


Ducky said...

The heat is a killer for sure! Many days my only run time is about 2 in the afternoon. When the TEMP is 106 not factoring in humidity and the index, just isn't the smartest thing in the world to do (I found out the hard way).

I'm vowing to overcome my indoor workout at home aversion and add something else in on the days it isn't possible to be out before the sun is up.

Good luck this week!

SimplyHeather said...

Good luck this week! You're doing really good losing over 10 pounds in March. I got back on my eating healthier kick for the last four days now. Todays day 5 and although I haven't lose anything I'm feeling better about myself. (until I step on the scale of course), I heard it takes 4-7 weeks to make a diet into a routine. So we just get tough about it until then ((:

April Jech said...

my major project: get this child OUT and get back to looking more like me. I'm ready!
Best of luck with your goal I know you can do it!!

Amber in South Carolina said...

good job on the weight loss so far! we're very lucky to have found a treadmill on craigslist so i don't have to walk in the heat. i can't even convince my dogs it's a good idea to go on a walk in the afternoon, haha. hope you reach your goal this week!

Corbin Charbonneau said...

Hi Danielle! I agree with you I have sucked this past week and for me it was mainly the holiday. But I love motivation monday so I wanted to link up with you! Thanks for following me as well!

Babes Mami said...

Between the heat, morning sickness and Chris' schedule...I haven't walked in about two weeks. Killing me because I love it! I am getting in a couple workouts per week but it's not enough. Best bet 2nd trimester I will be maximizing on the energy coming back and morning sickness fading out!!