Tuesday, July 10, 2012

50% Off! (That's half price!)

Everyone loves a good sale right?

I am cash poor this week in a major way! So today, and TODAY ONLY, I am offering 50% off of everything in my etsy shop including made to order items!

I will ship the items 3-5 days upon receiving your order (basically as quick as paypal gets the money transferred to my account). Allow 7-10 days for shipping.

Made to Order pieces will ship as soon as I complete them which completely depends on how many orders I get from this, but won't be more than 2 weeks.

Use the code JEWELRY50 at checkout!

Also, if you have custom order requests I am willing to give 25% off if you contact me today. This ends at 11:59pm EST tonight!

Those are the details, these are the goods :)

Happy Shopping! And please feel free to share this with your friends :)


Amber in South Carolina said...

your jewelry is awesome! i wish i had leftover fun money this week but it's already accounted for :(

Libby said...

I love the tree of life pendant!
Can't wait to receive it!

Have a great week!

Dene Dupre said...

Been looking at the tree pendant for awhile. Excited to get mine!

Rae Rae said...

Yeay So excited! love this idea!