Thursday, July 5, 2012

Its Ok!

So It's Thursday, but it feels like Monday, and tomorrow is Friday.... Weird week, for real. But Its Ok!
Its Ok Thursdays

...that I'm still wearing my 4th of July nails. I didn't have time to change them last night, and that was a lot of work for only 24 hours anyway! promote often for the Blogger Bra Drive! I've got 13 people committed to donate already! Want to join me? RSVP on Facebook and share with all your friends! be looking forward to the weekend. I'm on-call for work which means I can't make plans, but if I'm lucky and don't have to go in for anything, I might have a lazy relaxing weekend! *fingers crossed* be wondering how I can already be so low on cash when I just got paid! (Every time! How does this happen?!)

...that songs like, "Call me maybe", "Boyfriend", and "Stronger" get stuck in my head on a loop and I'm that annoying girl that keeps singing the same melodies over and over when I zone out.

...that I might have gotten a smidgen off track with my nutrition this week? I'm getting back on track today, though. remind all my South Carolina Bloggers to link-up with Palmetto Bloggers and join the FB group! October 20th guys!!

Finally, I share because I love you :)


Leah said...

oh wow I didn't give my 4th of july nails a 2nd thought! yup, still rocking the red w/ fireworks look on the 5th of july :)

Joey said...

We get paid on Fridays. Almost EVERY SINGLE MONDAY Husband texts and says "how are we already totally out of money?" Happens to all of us! Stupid bills :) And your ecard about friendships is spot on :) Found you through the link up! Cute blog.

Joey said...
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April Jech said...

Love those ecards!!

Tiffany said...

Visiting from It's Okay Thursday!

Okay, I so feel you on the songs in your head. Call Me Maybe....singing that to myself all the time. Second only to "Wild One" by Flo Rida, which I seriously cannot get out of my head. It's been there for like a week!


Brandy said...

Call Me Maybe is totally stuck in my head! It's just catchy!