Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sister Chats!

Talk to Me Tuesday is a weekly feature where I chat up some of the coolest women on the web.

Rae Rae

Rae is new to the blogging world. She's only been around a week, but she isn't new to this blog! She's my sister! While I might be a little biased she one of the coolest chicks I know. She is in her second semester of nursing school, and stays busier than I do! So check out her blog Nursing 101 (and other things that drive me crazy) and follow her on twitter and pinterest!

D: What up?!

Rae: I was going to take a nap, but I guess we're talking.

D: I'm worth it. So my first three questions: Where are you? What are you wearing? What are you drinking?

Rae: I'm in my room watching LOST, wearing some real cute penguin pj's and sippin' on an ice cold... water. Thrilling I know *laughs*

D:  Awesome, I have my water here, too. Have you been peeing like crazy?

Rae: Yep! *laughing* But every time I pretend I'm losing weight!

D: True, true. How does the water drinking work when you're in clinicals?

Rae: Well that's a different story. I try not to drink too much, I don't want to miss anything exciting because I have to pee. We have our surgical rotation in a few weeks and my biggest fear is I'll miss some awesomely gross cool moment because I was the loser that had to pee!

D: *laughs* So what kind of awesomely gross moments have you got to witness so far?

Rae: Well there was a person who had their foot amputated, looked pretty cool *grins* ... and one had too much blood in their leg so they had to cut it open and I was in charge of the dressing change. I was a little disappointed at the lack of grossness there. Oh and I've been present in a C-section that was pretty awesome too.

D: Sometimes I don't know how we're related! I think I would be sick if I had to change that kind of dressing!

Rae: *laughs* You get used to it.

D: Whatever you say. So, what are you looking forward to this semester?

Rae: My first injection! Last semester we only did oral meds but this semester we begin mixing meds and injections and I'm kind of really excited!

D: So you want to stab people legally basically/
Rae:  Basically *grins*

D: I'm listening to the Dexter books right now and his first kill was a Nurse that was giving morphine overdoesse to kill her victims.

Rae:  I LOVE Dexter!

D: I wish I had Showtime, I love the episodes I've seen, but now I'm listening to the books.
I assume you want to help people correct? Not learn the best way to murder them without leaving a trail?

Rae: Of course I want to help people! I know I joke a lot but I take my profession seriously. Nurses are the last line to a patient if a doctor prescribes the wrong dose and I administer it I'm more at fault, and we are patient advocates. It is my job to talk to whoever I need to in order to get what is best for the patient. It's very serious work, with a side of funny. Because if you can't laugh you aren't living

D:  I agree with that, completely. So tell us some of the funny stuff.

Rae: Well my first experience in the Nursing Home was a trip. Once you deal with a patient who has had explosive poop all in their bed and on them and on their clothes you pretty much learn what you can or can't tolerate. I thnk that's why they put us there the first semester too weed out the weaklings.

D: I wouldn't have made it.

Rae: And study sessions before a test can turn into flat out delirium. Sometimes me and my friend J will be laughing uncontrollably at a word, or a question things that don't even make sense and then we just have to take a moment regroup and start over.

D: How many hours a week would you say you spend studying?

Rae: Well outside of class at least 2 hours a day, and then I have lecture 4 1/2 hours a week and I'm at the hospital for about 14 hours a week.

D: Makes sense. I feel like I can't see you nearly as much as I want to when you're in school, but it's only going to get worse I bet!

Rae: Yep, but mark your calender Aug 2013 I'll be a free woman! :)

D: Yay! I'm excited for that :) I'm really excited that you may move back near me.

Rae: Well, I'm not sure about that anymore. They're opening a new hospital in DEC 2013.....

D: I don't want to hear about it. We'll discuss that later.
So you have a board on pinterest for Nursing stuff, what are your favorite pins?

Rae: Yeah, I have a board. These are my favorites.

Source: tumblr.com via Jodi Rae on Pinterest

D: So how are you doing learning the ins and outs of twitter?

Rae: I'm working on it...although I lack the followers..hint hint

D: Well we will certainly try and fix that!
(Another Twitter Plug HERE)

Rae: But I do enjoy it as a way to tell people about my blog.

D: As you get to know people it will become more fun. I love twitter. 
Thanks for chatting with me! Not that we don't always chat, but all the same.

Rae: Of course! I love your Talk to me Tuesdays I'm I'm thrilled to be a guest of such a fabulous girl ;)

Isn't she sweet?! I could put an ending on this conversation but the truth is we talked for at least 15 more minutes so, it wouldn't be accurate. I love this girl. I'm looking forward to seeing her get more into blogging. I hope you guys will pop over and visit her blog and follow her on twitter!

Wanna Chat? Check out the Talk To Me page for more details!

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