Friday, June 22, 2012

Dancing on the Moon

So I usually listen to my audiobooks when I'm driving around, but I was between books and I've been listening to music instead. Radio gets on my nerves most of the time and I haven't bought CDs in a few years, so I was listening to Mandy Moore's Coverage CD last week.

Have you ever noticed that as bloggers we tend to tell the stories (whether funny, serious or trivial) that lead to our posts? It's like we want to justify our choices in case someone doesn't understand or appreciate our stories.

Anyway, I love this CD. I already love Mandy Moore, but she picked such great songs on this album. And the lyrics! I forgot how beautiful Song Lyrics could be!

"I was grounded while you filled the skies. I was dumbfounded by truth you cut through lies.... I saw the crescent but you saw the whole of the moon."
-Whole of the Moon, The Waterboys

"If I ever lose my eyes, If all my colors all run dry, if I ever lose my eyes.. I won't have to cry no more."
-Moonshadow, Cat Stevens

"And know I know Spanish Harlem are not just pretty words to say. I thought I knew, but I know that rose trees never grow in New York City."
-Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Elton John

I've been immersed in the music. Of course thinking about Mandy Moore always make me think of a Walk to Remember (also a great album with great lyrics) My favorite song on that album was Someday We'll Know. I loved the line, "I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow."

So anyway, I'm caught up in Mandy Moore this week and reveling in the awesome lyrics. Thought I'd share!

Who do you love to listen to? Any lyrics that just stay with you after you listen to a song?


Dreams Do Come True said...

cute blog!

Dreams Do Come True

JKT said...
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JKT said...

Haha, I do that ALL the time. Sometimes my 'preface' will end up sidetracking me...and I have to stop and re-do otherwise my post is super long. I don't know why I do it! I think like you said it's to justify- in case someone may not get it.

Love lyrics- they really can be beautiful and put into words exactly what you are feeling when you can't.

Great post :)