Saturday, June 23, 2012

My two cents on 50 Shades of Grey

After much conversation and dozens of people asking me if I've read the books yet, I decided to get 50 Shades of Grey to review from EdenFantasys.

I had some preconceived ideas about what I would think, and I really didn't think it would be good. I must admit though it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. 

The short version? The writing is kinda choppy and there's little variety in the phrases and language used. The plot? It's there, but it's weak. I enjoy erotic romance as a genre, but I still want to read a novel in the process. A good book needs a good plot, not just good sex.

However, E.L. James gets props for creating decent chemistry and anticipation. I can imagine for people who have never read erotica before they were blown away. While this isn't a new phenomenon  (people have been writing erotica for centuries) it's new to a lot of readers. I personally would have liked to see more of the BDSM theme, but that is just me. This isn't the best writing that I've read, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting based on the negative reviews I'd read. That being said, I read A LOT. So for people who don't, I understand why they like it!

So here are my recommendations.

If you liked 50 Shades, Try these out!

Megan Hart is an excellent author, I highly suggest not only these but other Erotic Romance Titles like Dirty, Stranger, and Switch!

If you didn't like the BDSM theme, but you liked the sex, Try these out!

Sarah McCarty's great, though this is the only series I can vouch for.

Other great erotica authors include Shiloh Walker, Portia Da Costa, Lauren Dane, Delilah Devlin, and Jaci Burton. That's not even a comprehensive list, but they some I am personally familiar with and can vouch that I've liked what I've read.

If you didn't like it and don't like sex in your romance novels?

Look in the Inspiration Romance Section at you local library.

Haven't read the series yet and want to form your own opinion? Buy it HERE, and don't forget to pick out a free gift with your purchase!

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Carrie Rambles said...

I finally broke down and bought them too....definitely not what I expected from listening to other people say how "erotic" and it's like reading "porn".
I enjoyed them, BUT I have honestly read more erotic scenes in straight up romance--- or even reading Laurell K Hamilton