Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving... again.

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So I was talking with my sis the other day and we realized that this would be my fifth move in six years. It's the eleventh move in my lifetime, and that doesn't count college or that one summer before senior year when I crashed with my friend Danielle in this tiny little house with a very unfortunate hot water issue. Craziness. This moving stuff is for the birds. On the bright side, I par down my junk every time.

I've decided to keep a tally of stuff I throw out.

So far:

7 bags for trash
4 bags for thrift store
1 box of books to trade in for store credit :)

So now my work table and all of my jewelry and crafting supplies are tucked safely into my new room at my grandmother's house. Tonight we are moving a chest of drawers, and a kitchen table to J's apartment. The plan is to take more clothes and personal items to my grandmother's Wednesday, and Thursday is set aside for dinner with my dad and taking stuff to his house for storing. I'm off Friday so my four day weekend is dedicated to packing, moving, and cleaning. With a little luck my apartment will be cleared out by next week. If not I work five minutes away and I can swing by after work for small loads each day. My lease isn't technically up til the end of June, but my weekends are so busy next month I was afraid I wouldn't get it done if I waited. I have a habit of moving during the holidays. Last year it was 4th of July. Huh.

J's an angel. He and I are moving me by ourselves this time, except we have to find someone to come help him move my treadmill. It's the only thing I own that is too heavy for me to help him with. Everything else breaks down.

So send some prayers and happy thoughts my way this week! I'm gonna need them.

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macho99 said...

Good luck with the move! :D