Monday, May 21, 2012

I finally slept!! (and ate a blueberry)

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So after weeks of running around feeling like I would never be rested again, I finally got some sleep this weekend. I slept in until 11:30 Saturday morning! Not to be outdone J stayed in bed until 1:00pm, but whatever :) I worked on cleaning out closets and I had three large garbage bags for the dumpster, and 3 for the thrift store. I'm no where near finished but it was a very large dent and I'm proud of it.

My sister spent the night Saturday night and despite staying up talking and laughing at people on facebook we actually went to sleep at a decent hour. I tried to convince her to actually start using her blog and even tried to ply her with a cute blog design that involved owls. Alas, she is convinced she has nothing to blog about. (Because I do?) When I pointed out how hilarious she was with the facebook commentary she simply stated, "But I can't blog about this! No one would like me anymore." Which could be somewhat valid. But in all fairness, those people deserve her snarky humor, because they are crazy. CRAZY.

So I slept until like 10ish on Sunday and went for lunch with Jen and Smash before hitting another bridal shower. We also planned our kick-ass surprise bachelorette party because we're awesome like that. Many pictures to come when it's all over :)

Then last night I had dinner with J and his parents and sister. They now know that he is keeping my cat when I move which I'm sure implies all sorts of things, but they seemed to love giving him a hard time about it so I think they are cool with where we seem to inevitably be heading. Also, I love his parents. His mom loves red wine as much as I do and that makes me very happy :)

Also, I had my first blueberry last night. How I've lived 27 years without a fresh blueberry I do not know. Now I've had one though, and it was heaven. I will have more very soon!


angel shrout said...

Seriously you have never had a blueberry?? What rock have you been hiding under?? Now put them in pancakes or muffins.. HEAVEN I say HEAVEN

Babes Mami said...

I've never eaten a fresh blueberry, blackberry or raspberry. They are in my future also haha

Hooray sleep!!