Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bandwagons... gotta love 'em

So the heavy down pour of rain literally dampened my plans for moving last night, but I managed to get 3/4 of my closet to my grandmother's and I have two more bags of trash and one more bag for the thrift store.

Current Count:

9 bags for trash
5 bags for thrift store
1 box of books for trade in

I also thought I'd jump on the 'Things I Love' bandwagon so here it goes.

I Love

...Black coffee. Yes, I'm racist when it comes to coffee, only black will do.

...Unless it's a Raspberry Mocha, then I guess it's kinda bi-racial, but it's also amazing.

...Red Wine


...Malibu Rum

...Sweet Tea

(hmm, I seem to love a lot of beverages)

...Lip Balm (EOS Summer Berry is my fav right now)

...Reading. Seriously, the perfect day consists of curling up under a blanket to read an entire book in one sitting.

...Making jewelry that people love. It's very validating for me.


Source: via Danielle on Pinterest

...Laying out in the sun. I love feeling the sun on my skin. I hate that my job keeps me inside all day!

...Getting Thank You notes from clients. It makes all the bad days seem worth it.

...Sunday afternoon naps.

...Girl's Night with my friends.

...Visiting my family.

and plenty more but my brain just said it was finished so. I'm out for now :)

Also, check out my new friend Holli's Blog! I was excited to help her with a new design and she is only 2 followers away from 50 so give the girl some love :)


holli said...

I'll be the first to comment! :) I am so happy and impressed with my new blog design. Cant thank you enough.
I am addicted to the EOS balls! I have them all over my home. I even got my honey one of his own.
I love malibu rum mixed with cranberry and pineapple juice.
Sweet tea is a staple here in Texas!
I love reading-books and magazines.

angel shrout said...

Sweet tea and coffee blond and sweet. CAramel frappucino long island iced teas, summer when hubby cooks on the grill.

Babes Mami said...

I have a few of those EOS balms stashed around the house, same flavor!