Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two in One. You're Welcome.

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK

... to use this post to tell you about Neely's fabulous 1500 Follower Giveaway! She's giving away 15 awesome prizes to one lucky winner and I want it to be me! So I'm telling you so I can get more entries :) Yep, that's what just happened.

A Complete Waste of Makeup

...that instead of completely exhausting me, moving has totally psyched me up. Once I'm done I'm sure I will crash, but the more I purge the lighter I feel. It's awesome!

... that I'm excited that today is my "Work Friday", but I realize that since I'll be packing/cleaning/moving tomorrow it's probably not as great as it would normally be.

...that while I love my precious Liam, I might be a little excited that he will be with J and not underfoot while I work on my various projects at my grandmothers.

...that I'm litterally dying to get my Vox Box from Influenster! Now that I know what's in it I'm particularly excited to try out the products! i'm so impatient that way sometimes.

...that I'm doing two link-ups today :)

Little Delights Project
I found a new blog through pinterest yesterday. Brooke at The Little Delights in Life has some of the most awesome Cake Tutorials! She also has a weekly link-up called Little Delights Project. So here are my 5 little delights this week!

1. Learning to paint. I'm an amateur but it's so much fun!

2. Getting rid of 15 bags of stuff! (and still counting!)

3. Parking in a driveway instead of a parking lot.

4. My new business logo stamp :)

5. Spending time with my sweetie! He's been such a huge help this week!

Picture Note: For starters, this was after we'd loaded up both SUVs and I especially was very hot and sweaty.
Also, after the first pic I told J to open his eyes. The second pic is what I got. Oh well, he's goofy but he's mine and I love him :) 


angel shrout said...

I think ya'll are adorable period. You have worn me out just reading what all you are doing.

Brooke Edwards said...

I love that you are learning to paint!! That would be such a great skill to have!
15 bags of stuff?! That's amazing! I'm sure it wasn't easy!
I love your new business logo stamp :) You're awesome!

Happy Thursday and thanks for linking up!!

holli said...

AWW- you guys are so cute! Your making great progress-keep going. Have a great long weekend.

Babes Mami said...

sweaty or made up you both look adorable!

Love that stamp!!