Wednesday, May 16, 2012

EdenFantasys & Bachelorette Parties

So this is a big year for weddings in my circles of friends. I've been to one already, another this summer, and two more before long. Obviously that comes with bachelorette parties (one of the best parts of a wedding if you ask me).

Edenfantasys has a lot to offer the bride-to-be. They've always carried gorgeous lingerie, but now they have a specific Wedding Shoppe section on their site dedicated to that little something new, or something blue :)

EdenFantasys is also a great place to shop for other things you'll need the night of the party! In their Party Favors and Gags section you'll find party ware and gag favors for the bachelorette gang, as well as some game ideas! My favorite bachelorette party game is decorate the panties. Some of you have done it I'm sure. You have a pack of cotton panties in the bride's size and a bunch of permanent markers. Each guest decorates a pair and the bride-to-be chooses the best design!

Of course my favorite bachelorette party memory was two summers ago when my friend Lys got a full-body stocking (fishnet) from her PASTOR'S WIFE! It was awesome. She turned fifty shades of red! (You thought I was going to say grey didn't you? It's all anyone's talking about. Must read that book soon.)
Don't forget to pick up surcee gifts at checkout! A multi-pack of edible lubes breaks down into great gift favors, so do other lotions, lubes, or small bullets, depending on your crowd.

I'm looking forward to the next bachelorette bash, because I get to help my friends Jen and Smash plan it! It's always fun to help get ready for these things. How about you ladies? Any great bachelorette party stories? Maybe you have some great game ideas you want to share, I'd love to hear them!

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holli said...

Because of your posts, i joined the Edenfantasies mailing list. I'm thinking of some funstuff to play with my boyfriend soon. :)