Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Talk


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 Nanny is a book blogging SAHM who likes to wield the pen herself from time to time. You can find her reviews of scorching hot reads on her blog, Getting Naughty Between the Stacks. She also has an Etsy shop, Nanny and Mabel's Designs where she works with her mom to create jewelry, purses, clothes, and other accessories. You can find some of her more recent works on Smashwords. You can follow her on Twitter as @TP_Diva

D: Hi Nanny!! Let's Dive right in. First three questions: Where are you? What are you wearing? and What are you drinking?

Nanny:  Living room, yoga pants and a black top, and mint tea - Sexy I know

D:  Don't knock yoga pants! Tea sounds wonderful right now. I'm down to cold coffee over here.

Nanny: Yuck! Unless it's vanilla and supposed to be cold?

D:  Nope, just an unfortunate circumstance. I love coffee, but not cold. 

So, we are talking about books today. You have your book blog, Getting Naughty Between the Stacks. and you have a tendency towards the erotic. Who are some of your favorite authors?

Nanny: Lorelei James and Karina Halle

D:  I've heard of Lorelei James, but the other one is new to me. What genres do they fall into?

Nanny: Lorelei writes erotic westerns, and Karina writes horror.

D: Oh! Well, I must add more Lorelei James to my list then! I love me some cowboys!

Nanny: Check out her Rough Rider Series!

D: I will! So you're a big horror fan as well then?

Nanny: Kind of, I like ghost hunting. That is what Karina's Experiment in Terror series is about.

D: Oh yeah, I can see that. I like the ghostly stories too. Although, I was more the 'Ghost Whisperer' type. I'm also a major sap.

So, do you have a single book that is your all time favorite? Or one you could read again and again?

Nanny: Not really. I've read the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey several times though. They're fantasy and basically about a woman designed to take pain. It's BDSM meets mainstream fantasy.

D: That sounds pretty good! I keep finding things to add to my list! I'll never read everything I want to! Ugh.

So what constitutes a 'good book' for you?

Nanny: It has to have a good story, and have good characters. If I can't get into the plot then it's a no go. Same applies if I can't feel for the characters.

D: I know exactly what you mean! Characters can be even bigger for me sometimes. Even a great plot can be ruined if the characters have no depth or personality.

So, since we both love our share of sexy books, *grin* what do you think constitutes a great sex scene?

Nanny: Hmm, sensations. I really like it when the author works in smells, tastes as well as the sensual moments. As a matter of fact, I just released a short story called 

D: I love it! As in 'the way to a man's heart is'?

Nanny: Yep!

D: I like the use of food in sex scenes too! As a matter of fact, it's the theme for the next writing contest! Maybe I can twist your arm to enter. *grin*,

So tell me, how do you get so much done with a couple kids underfoot?! Blogging, Reading, Writing... seems like it would take a lot of time!

Nanny:  I have no idea! *laughs* I just work when I have time. Like right now, little man is napping, so I'm doing everything I can. Every minute I'm doing something. Oh yeah, and I've gotten great at multi-tasking. *grins*

D: Lord knows I could use that talent! I'm horrible at time management. I never get it all done!

Well I appreciate you working me into your busy schedule. This has been a lot of fun!

Nanny: No problem! It has been fun, we should chat again some time!

D: Definitely!

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