Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No Offense Islam

So I thought I'd share another tattoo picture and story today. A few years ago I was feeling all cute and I wanted to get a small tattoo on my neck behind my ear. I wanted something circular and I was really liking moons and stars at the time so when I finally got around to driving into North Carolina (SC won't do neck or face tats) I told the artist what I wanted.

"I think I want a half moon with a star nestled in the middle, so that it's kinda round ya know?"

The guy kinda looked at me sideways and said, "Like the Islamic flag?"

"No!" I was quick to reply. "Wait, is that what I'm describing?"

The dude starts typing into google and swings the monitor so I can see the image I've described all over his computer screen related to the search "islamic flag".

I turned to my friend who says, "Oh yeah." I was embarrassed that I hadn't even realized what I'd been describing. So I quickly said, "How about a half moon with a handful of little stars around it so that it doesn't look like any religious symbol?"

The dude laughed and set me up. I felt so dumb for not recognizing the symbol in my mind. Oh well, now I have a cute little tat that doesn't associate with a middle eastern religion.


Monica said...

lol Great Story!!

Babes Mami said...

And I can see you in my head...'NO! Oh wait is it?' haha

Sorry Islam!