Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day with Boobies!

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Jana, AKA "Boobies"

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Jana is the brains, and the boobs, behind Boobies, Babies & a Blog. She is gorgeous and one of my awesome bloggy friends! If you don't already know her, I highly suggest that you remedy that! She runs awesome giveaways and doles out a healthy dose of wit for her readers.

Note to readers: This conversation took place at 10:30 last Friday morning. I, still on my first cup of coffee and wering my PJs, cannot be held responsible for the tangents I allowed Jana to lead me on ;)

Jana: I'm here!!! LOVE the new blog by the way! It looks fantastic!

D: Well thank you, I'm just a little proud of it. *grins*

Jana: You're welcome.

D: Ok, starting this off with some Foxworthy style questions: Where are you? What are you wearing? and What are you drinking?

Jana: Love it! I'm in my living room, wearing jeans and a hoodie, (because I got up early and went to town under the assumption that the new Twilight movie was already out! Don't judge!) And I'm drinking Mountain Dew. How's that for classy?!

D: Very classy! I love it!

Jana: I do my best.

D: You're much more ambitious than I am, I just got up. I'm eating breakfast and drinking coffee right now! *laughs through a yawn*

Jana: Normally I'd just be rolling out of bed, but for you and Rob Pattinson I'll make an exception!

D: Wow, I'm in the same category as Robert Pattinson!!! I'm moving up in the world!

Jana: That's major!

D: Seriously! Ok, so we are talking about Valentine's Day!

Jana: That we are! The day of love, aww!

D: A day that elicits swooning for some and nausea for others, *laughs* But you are happily married right? So what do you guys normally do for Valentine's Day?

Jana: I am married. I wish I could say that we're ultra romantic and have candlelit dinners, but Mr. Boobies generally works on Valentine's Day. By the time he gets home I'm already in sweatpants and ready for bed. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. *grins* We exchange gifts and hope the kids go to sleep before we do.

D: That sounds like a really nice night though! Relaxing. This will be my second Valentine's Day with J and we don't have a plan yet. (It's officially Valentine's Day and we still don't have a plan. I'm blaming it on being busy.)

Jana: Newlyweds! <3

D: Woah! Back up that bus, we aren't married yet! *laughs* Though I'm secretly hoping we're well on the way.

Jana:  I'm sure you are. How could he not put a ring on it? You're a catch!

D: Well thanks babe! I think he knows it.*grins* He's a catch too. I enjoy where we are right now though. 

I've gotten in the habit of buying new lingerie for every holiday, so I have this new pretty little babydoll that I will pull out this week *winks*

Jana:  I love lingerie! You gotta keep things spicy, for sure.

D: Oh yeah, and I have no trouble with that! *grins*

Jana: I'm sure you don't!

D: So how long have you and Mr. Boobies been together?

Jana: We've been married for 7 years this past January. And we got married a few weeks after we started dating. I don't like to waste time..lol

D: Wow! That's impressive!

Jana: Well, I sucked him in with my charm. What can I say?

D: *laughs* So did you have any Valentine's day traditions when you were single?

Jana: Aside from getting sloppy drunk and buying too much chocolate on clearance the day after? Not so much. I think single people are anti-Vday, no?

D: *laughs* Yes and no. We had a lot of fun with it when I was in college especially.

We dressed in black, called it Singles's Awareness Day and all of the single girls ordered pizza and watched a movie :)

Jana: Oh I love that! I'm thinking I should go to college. Better late than never. What did you major in? (See, how I'm interviewing you now? *grins mischievously*)

D: I see that! I majored in Psychology. I loved every minute of it.

Jana: So are you good with the whole reverse psychology thing? Because I use that on my kids all the time. I could use some tips! Here I go again..asking you the questions!

D: *laughs* I minored in Family Studies and took some counseling courses, so I'm not bad at it! We'll talk more later and I'll give you whatever tips you want ;)

Jana: Absolutely!

D: So, to get back to Valentine's Day! *laughing* How about candy? What are your favorite seasonal candies?

Jana: I love the cute boxes of chocolates, obviously, and the candy hearts! So cute! I'm such a girl.

D: Yeah, I love cute stuff too, but I'm a truffles girl. The little sugar hearts aren't really my thing. Do your kids do the Valentine's Day thing at school?

Jana: My older kids are beyond the age of Valentine's Day parties, but my youngest starts school this fall, so we'll be jumping back into all of that again soon. 

Now that you mention it, my 14 year old son does have a V-day dance tonight. Scary thought.

D: I remember those dances...

Jana: Ah yes, me too! Which is why it scares me so much to drop him off! *laughs*

D: I take it you did your fair share of misbehaving?

Jana: I was terribly self destructive and rebellious as a teenager! My mom was right, you really do reap what you sow!

D: *laughing* It does come full circle!

Jana: It really does. I can only hope my kids will have eleven children each, just like them. But not until I'm realllly old!

D: Fun times! Well I hope that your Valentine's Day is wonderful babe!
I really appreciate you talking with me!

Jana: I hope that yours is, too! Thanks for taking time to talk to me! And when J pops the question, I want to be the first to know! *winks*

D: You'll be on the short list for that first text!

Jana: YAY!

D: Love you babes!!

Jana: Love ya gorgeous! 

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Christine said...

haha, cute. The "scary" Valentine's dance made me laugh; I hope my little guy magically bypasses the teen years...

Babes Mami said...

My two favorite ladies! If he puts a ring on it you have an adorable ring bearer over here!