Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its Ok Thursday! {2}

Today is Its Ok Thursday with Neely and Amber!

Its Ok Thursdays

ITS OK that I actually cried when I got home Sunday night because I hated leaving my family.

ITS OK to continually and shamelessly plug my Etsy Shop because I need all the money I can get for J's birthday party!

ITS OK that I sampled all of the goodies I took to work for Valentine's Day (just to make sure everything was up to par).

ITS OK that I feel like a kid playing house on nights that J stays over.

ITS (really) OK that I got aerobic dance classes for Valentine's Day! I was so excited about this class but stressed over the cost, so J gave it to me for V-day!!

ITS OK that I'm stressing over what to wear to J's birthday party in a few weeks because I'm meeting a lot of his college friends for the first time.

ITS OK that I only get into the "clean up and clean out" mode when it's a special occasion.

ITS OK that I had chips and dip for dinner the other night because I was too lazy to cook for myself.

ITS OK that I paint my nails multiple times a week because I hate chipped nails (and I get bored quickly).


Stephanie said...

Just found your blog through the linkup! I paint my nails a lot too.

I cannot stand a chipped nail. I can't understand how people allow themselves to have that. If my nail chips, I peel it all off right away!

Valerie said...

found your blog thru the link-up. VERY cute design!

Kodie said...

I am the same way about my nails! I try to keep it to once a week (I usually do them on weekends) because I feel like the nail polish remover can't be good for your nails.

Babes Mami said...

We are leaving early Friday morning so that thing you asked me to do for you...can we plan for thursday instead or is that too far ahead of Saturday for your liking?