Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tree Skirts and Holiday Crafting

I LOVE Christmas. I always have and this year I've particularly gotten into the Christmas Spirit. I'll be making my first batch of Chex Mix and Sausage Balls tonight for my Book Club's get together tomorrow night. I've always said I would love to just go into people's homes and decorate for Christmas. I love creating that perfect scene. I get to come close with my sisters from time to time. This year I made a tree skirt and bow for Megan. I followed a pattern I found for the size and it was HUGE!
This isn't a difficult project, but her skirt took about 6 hours to make, so it's not for the faint of heart.

Of course I had to have one for myself. Our tree is small so I scaled back the size and did something a little different.

Liam approves.

Tonight I'm going to work on a small snowman wreath for my door similar to the one my friend Debbie (Studio Bee Creations) made for my sister Jodi. Once I put the finishing touches on a few things I'll post more pictures! I have several projects left before Christmas, but luckily I'm about 75% done with Christmas prep so I should have plenty of time.

Isn't it pretty! You should check out Debbie's art, she's incredible.

How about you all? Any big Christmas Crafts?


Karen M. Peterson said...

I haven't really done any Christmas crafts, but I should. I want to. Maybe I will with my boyfriend's kids. That would be fun.

That tree skirt is super cute!

Tanzir Rahman said...

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