Friday, March 7, 2014

The Innocent by Shiloh Walker {Book Review}

I love to read. I devour books, and in the past few years I've really expanded my horizons into new genres. However, my true love is Romantic Suspense. Throw in a little extraordinary abilities and I'm sold. So when Shiloh Walker was looking for individuals interested in reviewing her latest FBI Psychics Novella, The Innocent, I was that over eager kid on the front row raising my hand and bouncing to be chosen.

**Here is where I tell you that I did recieve a PDF of this Novella for free in exchange for an honest reiew.**

From Goodreads:

For a woman he can’t touch, he’ll turn Hell inside out.

There’s only one reason Jay Roberts would set foot in a middle-of-nowhere town like Hell, Georgia. She’s got a bone to pick with her sort-of boyfriend. They only met online, but things got hot and heavy before their cyber link went silent.

She’s here to get in his face for an explanation. But no touching. Her psychic abilities make physical contact…complicated. Yet something about this relationship made her think things would be different. She’s not in Hell twenty minutes before bad vibes have her skin crawling.

Corruption has stained the very fabric of Linc Dawson’s town, and now it’s stolen something very dear to him. The last thing he has time for is nursing Jay’s broken heart.

But Jay isn’t going anywhere. Not only because she’s not giving up on him, because she’s got access to the kind of backup nobody wants on their bad side. And Linc discovers the woman who’s afraid to touch him could actually be his best chance. At salvation, at hope, at life. Maybe even love…

Warning: This book contains a not-so-naive virgin, a pissed-off former cop, lots of frustration, if you know what I mean, and more trouble than either of them know what to do with.

What I thought:

I loved it. It was a really quick read for me. Two nights before bed and I was finished. I enjoyed the story and I really appreciated Jay's personality. My only complaint, as it always is with novellas, I'd have love to have more back story and character development. Linc fell a little flat for me personally, but I'd have loved to know more about him.

However because there are a lot of characters that tend to reappear in this series, when I go back and catch up I may get some insight (maybe not, I don't know for sure.)  I've read the first two books in this series and loved them!

Overall, I'd say 4 out of 5 on a rating scale. If you enjoy Romantic Suspense I think this series is for you. The chemistry between characters never disappoints and the stories are always a little different because of the psychic twist.

So what you been reading lately? Does this sound like a series for you?
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Art @ Home said...

Novellas are great because you can read them in a couple of sittings, but sometimes you don't get characters who are very well-drawn due to the length of the story.

Were the first two books in the series novellas, too? This sounds like a series I might like. Thanks for a well-written review and for linking-up to Literary Friday!

Ricki Jill