Monday, November 18, 2013

Good Mornin'

To start, if you haven't seen this yet, just watch it. Please.

75% of the time I'm one of those folks who roll out of bed at the last possible minute, take a quick shower and let my hair air-dry with some product in it. I do my make-up at redlights, and I need a half a pot of coffee at the very least to get started good. 

20% of the time I wake up at what most consider the "normal time" I shower and actually blow-dry my hair and apply make-up before leaving the apartment. Those moring usually have me dragging around and generally require nearly a full pot of coffee.

Today? Today was in that other 5%.

You see my new husband isn't a morning person either. So since he works in Greenville and I work in Spartanburg (45 min apart) we live in the middle. This week however, his car is out of commission, so I'm getting up super early to drive him to work before I back track and drive myself to work. To say that I'm struggling is an understatement. There was an accident on the way to his office (I hate I-85!) that had traffic back up about a mile, and wouldn't you know it, the accident wasn't even on the road!! That made me want to scream. Why is traffic at a near stop for cars that have run off of the road and are being taken care of by police, EMS, and the fire department? I'll never understand. Slower moving perhaps, but MOVE!

So yeah. Say a little prayer for my husband this week. These early mornings are killer.

Funny Confession Ecard: Anyone who wakes up in the morning and doesn't need a cup of coffee can't be trusted.


Jennifer Brownlee said...

Ok now I am a morning person and very trust worthy!!!! Love you Bestie!

Aubrey S. said...

I completely agree with that e-card. Hope this week gets better and Jason's car feels better soon.

angel shrout said...

SQUEEEEE seeing My husband is soooo cute.. ahhh ok girly moment over. Yeah I am NOT a morning person either I feel ya on that one. Hope his car gets fixed asap..

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Ok I don't drink coffee but I do need a can of Pepsi Max first thing in the morning in order to get going for the day..............