Monday, June 3, 2013

Hit the ground running

It's the first business day of June and I have a LOT to do!

As Jason likes to say our stuff is moving in together this week. We are getting a storage unit for the next few months until we move it into a new place. There will be lots of heavy lifting this weekend.

I will be up to my elbows in jewelry for the next few weeks as I get ready for the upcoming Summer Show. I'm really hoping that goes well.

Baby K's Shower is at the end of the month and I have to get to work on that gift soon. I'll still blog as much as I can, but instagram will probably be my friend this month :)

I have no pictures for you from the weekend because we didn't leave the apartment! Lots of sleeping and watching LOST. I'm officially hooked. 

So I leave you with this.


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Jo-Anne Meadows said...

A storage unit is a good idea, we use to have one but hubby decided we didn't need it me I would still like to have one but oh well such is life