Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wino Wednesday: First Wedding Fail


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So I know I've posted about this at least once before, but I'm getting married in October so indulge me :)

I finally cut some bottles with my nifty new tool. I actually started trying a while back and thought I was doing something wrong, I simply couldn't make it work. So Monday night I got a little ballsy and decided that instead of pouring boiling water and ice water over the bottle I was going to immerse the bottles in a pot of boiling water and then in the ice water. It worked. So I have three bottles cut for these lantern-like centerpieces.

Wedding Fail #1
This doesn't work. The bottle opening is too narrow for the air to circulate and after you cover the burning candle it only take a moment for the flame to die out from lack of oxygen.

I'm going to experiment some more (maybe drill a hole in the back so fresh air can get in?) but I'm not sure I'm going to make this work. I still have plenty of wine bottle centerpiece ideas, but I was excited about using some candles with my bottles. I'm still thinking I may pour some soy candles, but I'm nervous about the mess that's going to make.

I like these hanging lanterns too, but I'll need more hardware and a glass drill bit. Again, a lot of work.

I can paint bottles, wrap bottles, cut the tops and use them for vases, but I'm still looking for a few more simple ideas.

What do you think this would look like if I cut the bottles at different heights and but three on a table?

Do you have any more ideas for what I can do with empty wine bottles?


Anonymous said...

Here is a pin with ways to recycle wine bottles:

And I like this one (spray-painting them):

Aubrey S. said...

What about using LED candles? Safer and no need to worry about oxygen supplies.

Tiffany Pate said...

Totally us led candles, they have some that really look amazing and in the bottle you won't know!