Monday, May 20, 2013

Where did the Weekend go?

So I've seen this Weekend Shenanigans link-up about and thought I'd join in this week to tell ya'll about my GA weekend. A good blogger would have gone to Atlanta and done all kinds of "local" things and taken lots of pictures. But I'm not a "good blogger" I'm just Danielle. And I was so tired this weekend, so there was a lot of relaxing going on.

Friday when I got off work I met up with my sister and we drove to see my aunt and uncle in Georgia. Aside from her compulsive need to take pictures with signs and staying up really late visiting it was pretty uneventful.

Saturday I slept until 11:30am. It was pure Bliss. We spent the better part of the day inside visiting and watching TV. Once Jodi Rae and I stopped being lazy we went out for the evening. We drove out to The Avenues (basically outdoor shopping center type of place). My sister had never been to Charming Charlie's. I was flabbergasted, and insisted that she check it out. She loves owls and found a cute ring.

And of course I found a great spring scarf.

We also stopped into Ten Thousand Villages. I feel like I've heard of it before, but apparently not in great detail because I was not only happy with the store but with the mission.

If you've not heard of the TTV they are a non-profit business that buys merchandise from artisans in third world countries to sell in their store. The pay the artisans 50% upfront so that they can continue to create goods to sell and when items are marked down in the store the artists are still paid in full. Basically any profit above general operating expenses is rolled back into purchasing from the artisans to support their businesses.

Generally I'm all about buying local, but I love this concept as well. I also found out that there is one in Greenville, so you better bet that I've found a new favorite place to shop.

I bought some tea and an owl measuring tape. I can't wait to use it at the Jewelry show next month.

We had dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. It was delicious. Best Bison Burger I've ever had. This restaurant is very green and I used a paper straw for the first time :)

Also, they took us to Jax's and I found the CK Mondavi Scarlet Red that I had such a fit over after the Wine Walk! I bought 6 of the big bottles for an amazing price. I'm pretty sure that we're now going to have this at the wedding in October. Now that I know where I can buy cases of it for cheap.

Yesterday on the way home we stopped at the Pendergrass Flea Market. We saw it on the way in and it's boasts that it's the South's biggest and the World's nicest Flea Market. I don't know what I expected. I had never been to a Flea Market that I could remember (Jodi says our Dad took us when we were young - I must have blocked it out.) but I was horrified. So many people, so many different smells mixing together, and kids running crazy all over the place! I was grateful when we got back in the car. It wasn't for me at all.

Then Jason called as we were driving home and asked if we'd like to stop in Greenville for dinner so we ate Mexican with him before heading to Inman :)

That was my weekend! Nothing too exciting, but a lot of fun all the same. 

Also, I got a lot of comments about the necklace I posted on Friday so I'm planning on having a blog sale for my current inventory of Natural Stone Necklaces here tomorrow. Come back and see what I have to offer!

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I read the beginning of this post - I WAS a "good blogger" this weekend. I went to Atlanta and did all the touristy things and took a ridiculous amount of pictures and loved every second of it. Your Georgia weekend sounds fabulous though! If I had family in the state, mine would've looked a bit more like yours ;)