Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wino Wednesday {4.10.12}


Welcome back to Wino Wednesday with Aubrey from High-Heeled Love and Myself!

Three Simple Rules:

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2) Write a Wine-related Post
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So this week I'm talking about Sangria. I've posted Sangria Recipes before, and there are still a ton that I want to try. We are having a girls night on Friday and it's gonna be Mexican, so we're doing Sangria. I really want to try this recipe that Jess shared a couple of weeks ago.

It might be a little pricey with all the liquors though.

I've also been wanting to try this one out.

What do you think? Do you have any great Sangria Recipes that don't cost a fortune to make? Because at the end of the day the bottled Sangria at Bi-Lo is pretty damn tasty.

Link up! And Happy Wino Wednesday!


Beth W said...

OH! NPR posted a sangria recipe that my brother's girlfriend made for us at Christmas and it was *to die for*. I'm normally anti-messing-up-my-red-wine, but it was definitely worth it.
Here it is:

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Just popped in from someone's blog but I can't remember whos anyway just wanted to say Hi and I am your latest stalker......I mean follower

Aubrey S. said...

I guess we were both thinking about sangria this week. I can't wait to make some. Have a fabulous day!