Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Confessional 1.18.13

So Aubrey has been hosting this little link-up for a while since Mamarazzi is taking some down time, and I'vebeen saying I was going to link-up eventually. This seems like a good time.

I confess...

That I've been a little late on the jump with The Vine this month. I plan to run my intros next week, and I'm gonna keep January's folks in the sidebar through February. We'll have a new group in March if you want to sign-up.
 Palmetto Bloggers
That I"m very very excited about our Meet-up in Charleston tomorrow night! I've got some of the more awesome tote bags ready for those who purchased them and I am so excited about seeing everyone's wonderful faces!

That I'm going to be that girl and ask you to vote for us everyday from now until January 30th in this David's Bridal Contest. I have to be in the top 25 to have a chance of being picked for the $2500 prize, and we could use the extra cash!

Do you have something to confess? Link-up with Friday Confessional and spill it!


VandyJ said...

Good luck in the contest--voting for you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I can't be at the meet-up tomorrow! I hope it goes well.

Aubrey S. said...

I'm so excited about the meet-up tomorrow! It's going to be such a good time. And I'm heading to go vote for you because wedding planning is expensive.

Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional!

Babes Mami said...

Good luck in the contest! Keep reminding me!!