Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wino Wednesday Announcement!


So I told you guys a while back that I was considering making Wino Wednesday a weekly link-up, and several of you have started to play long from time to time, so starting in January Aubrey and I will be co-hosting the Wino Wednesday link-up!

I really want to kick this off with a bang so, in January there will be five Wednesdays, and five wine-related giveaways! Can you stand it?! I'm so excited.

The beauty of Wino Wednesday is that your options are wide open. The only requirement is that your post involves wine :) I've turned several Wino Wednesdays into OHP posts to link-up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple. Wine reviews? Winery pics? Cork crafts? There are lots of possibilities!

So mark your calendars and plan to link-up, because you know that will be a rafflecopter entry on these giveaways! 

So onto my WW post for this week...

On Saturday J and I went to Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. He can get tickets through his work and I've always wanted to go. So we got to see the house all decorated for Christmas. It was absolutely gorgeous, I've never seen anything like it. 

After we toured the house we went to the Antler Hill Village and Winery. The price of admission covers a complimentary tasting. This close to Christmas the tasting the room was packed!

You can only see three from this angle but there are five large bars where they do the complimentary tastings.

Can you tell I'm more of a Red girl? (Right Side)

We had wanted to take the Winery Tour but after standing in the house for two hours my feet were killing me and I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy it at that point. We decided to save it for Spring. We're hoping to go back during the Festival of Flowers with a few friends.

I found a lot of delicious wines though! I came home with a bottle of their Limited Release Malbec.  It was very full-bodied and was exactly what a good red should be! I also bought a pack of their Wassail Spice Blend. It is delicious!

We had planned to eat at the Winery because when we'd looked ahead at the menus we saw Pizza. (Pizza and Wine? No brainer.) Of course that was their lunch menu, no such luck during the dinner hours. So instead we drove into downtown Asheville and had dinner at Barley's. (Yum!)

Now, you're thinking 'what about the proposal?!' It didn't happen at Biltmore.
You'll just have to come back tomorrow for that story!

Have you ever been to Biltmore? What's your favorite wine from there?


Aubrey S. said...

I was thinking "what about the proposal?" Guess I'll have to wait. Glad you had a good time at Biltmore.

Sarah S. said...

ohhh... I went to the Biltmore about 5 years ago with my BFF. We LOVED it!

holli said...

i've always wanted to go to the Biltmore. How cool!
I want to play along with your wine wednesday's.

Carrie Land said...

I went to Biltmore on a field trip when I was a kid and I definitely didn't appreciate it then. I'd love to go back!

Stephany Hyder said...

This seems so fun. I must remember to post and link up for sure! ♥