Monday, November 19, 2012

When do you 'Deck the Halls'?

I love these stockings, even if I did make them! I gave them to my mom for Christmas last year. She is where I got my love for decorating! I LOVE to decorate for Christmas. It's the only holiday I decorate for, and I like to go all out. Normally I start the process the day after Thanksgiving. While everyone else is out shopping I'm putting up the tree and hanging stockings :) I play a marathon of Christmas movies and burn holiday candles. I usually grab a holiday drink and cook a cozy dinner.

This year though, since I'm staying at my grandmothers, she's already done all of her decorating. I could normally go to my parents to help them decorate, but I'm on call with work, so I can't drive down.

I'm trying to talk J into letting me decorate decorating his apartment next weekend. That's apparently really early for him, but I don't know what I'll do with myself if I can't decorate!

When do you normally do your decorating?


Sarah S. said...

If I don't start the day after Thanksgiving I will definitely be up bright and early on Saturday to do it. I'm excited to be decorating our hiuse for the first time (although, I will not be going all out since we don't have very many decorations to begin with. I will be waiting for clearance items after Christmas)

Amber said...

I was off this past weekend so that is when I put mine up. I don't have another Saturday off until after Christmas, (other than this weekend which is shopping time) so it was really the best time for me! I love to be able to ENJOY my holiday decor.

holli said...

I'm still recuperating from all of our Halloween decorations or i might have put them up this past weekend. I plan on doing ours on Black Friday.

Kari said...

I decorated my salon a week ago so I will have time to do my house this Saturday! We always get a real tree, so we like to wait until close to December so it won't die before Christmas! Hope your Thanksgiving is lovely! :)