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For the Love of Shoes!

Talk to Me Tuesday is a feature where I chat up some of the coolest bloggers on the web.

Today I'm chatting with Aubrey! Aubrey is a fellow Palmetto Blogger and one of my co-hosts in the Tacky Ornament Swap! (Today's the last day to sign-up!) She's also going to be a part of Wino Wednesday come January!

Hi, I'm Aubrey from High-Heeled Love. I'm a shoe-lover (obviously) but the blog isn't just about footwear.  It started as a wedding blog,  but it quickly turned into a collection of sharing my favorite stories and girly things.  Expect adventures in South Carolina with a healthy dose of coffee and wine!


D: Ok, so the first three questions! Where are you? What are you wearing? and What are you drinking?

A: I'm in my office right now. It's Friday so I'm pretty casual; sweater, dressy jeans, and purple booties. I'm drinking water, but I'm thinking about heading to Starbucks for a coffee in a little bit.

D: Starbucks sounds yummy!

A: Yes, I'm loving that the red sups are back. Peppermint Mochas are my favorite drink in the world.

D: Oh my gosh, mine too! Though I tried their Cider and it's yummy too!
So, we're going to talk about Shoes! Your blog is High-Heeled Love, where did that come from?

A: Well, I have quite a love for shoes. My husband actually suggested that I start a blog back when I was wedding planning, but it quickly morphed into a blog about my girly interests since most of my girlfriends live across the country. When we do get together, shoe shopping and wine drinking tend to be frequent activities.
And now, I have my weekly party, Shoe Lust Saturday, to go along with the title of the blog.

D: Who says you can't do it all?! I love Shoe Lust Saturday by the way, and the button is perfect!
So you and I met through Palmetto Bloggers, but are you not originally from here? Or are these just college friends from all over?

A: I'm from Michigan originally, but I went to high school and college here in South Carolina. (Go Gamecocks!) My friends have scattered since college.

D: *Boo-Hiss* Go Tigers!!

A: *laughing* It's going to be a good game next weekend!

D: Yes it is! I can't wait!
So, what is the Holy Grail of Shoes for you? Is there anything you've 'lusted' over for years?

A: Oh, that would probably be a pair of "the shoes" from the Sex and the City movie. you know the pair that Carrie leaves in the closet at the dram apartment?

D: Ah yes, those were gorgeous!

A: I've lusted after those Dolces on eBay several times, but my husband would not be pleased if I spent the money. By the way, Carrie Bradshaw is probably responsible for my shoe problem.

D: I can see that. I was a big Sex and the City fan myself. I actually have the entire series on disk. It was my sister's but then she got the nice collector's set and I got it. *grin*

A: I have it, too! My Mister was very good to me a few years ago for Christmas.

D: Very Nice!

A: Now what about you? You posted a very cute pair of Anthropologie heels on Shoe Lust not long ago. Did you find them?

D: No I didn't! I took your advice and checked eBay but no luck!

A: Oh well, we'll keep our eyes open.

D: For me though? I good red shoe is what it's all about.

A: Yes ma'am! I'm dying for a pair of red cowboy boots!

D: I have two pair now. One is a pair of red patent peep toes, and the other is a red and black color block shoe I got just a few weeks ago. Now I'm on the hunt for some great red ankle booties!

A: You and I could have a lot of fun shoe shopping!

D: I'm sure we could! My wallet on the other hand is not usually a fan. I'm the world's worse impulse shopper. I got myself into a world of hurt about five years ago. I just can't say no sometimes!

A: I agree. In fact, I have a rule; one in, one out as far as the closet goes. Which means, I have to pick three pairs this weekend to donate.

D: That's a good rule!

A: It keeps my husband sane.

D: I just avoid shopping unless I'm spending cash and I can't go over what I have to spend. Then at least once a year I do a big clean out and donate to the thrift store here at work.

A: That's a great idea, I wear a size 10, so I wind up buying online a lot. But we're trying to move to a cash kind of budget as well.

D: So where is your favorite place to shop?

A: Hmm, that really depends on what I'm shopping for, but we'll stick with shoes here. We have a store at our mall called Cathy Jeans. They have a lot of great real leather shoes that are usually reasonably priced. Online I buy most of my footwear from Shoe Dazzle.

D: I'll have to check that out next time I'm in town. Sounds like there could be a shopping date in our future!

A: Yep, at the very least we should hit up the Steve Madden store when were in Charleston for the Palmetto Blogger Meet-up in January! I love some Steve Madden. I got my favorite pair of boots ever on clearance at one of his stores.

D: I have a pair of Steve Madden cowboy boots. That was my sister's impulse buy! She never realy wore them so I bought them off her at a steal! It's great to have siblings that wear the same size *grin*.

A: You are one lucky girl!
So moving on to another interest we have in common...


A: Yes! What's your choice for gift-giving at the holidays? Do you have a local favorite that you choose? I know you like to support local businesses.

D: I usually find a good smooth blend and I establish whether they drink red or white. There is a win shop in town, Carriage House Wines, they have a great selection and Jennifer and I love to go there after work every now and then.
I do love to support local businesses. I'm all about buying local or handmade. I'm sure it's because I like it when people support my business and I like the attention to detail you get when working with small businesses.

A: That's true. There's a great local wine shop called Wine Down on Main that I will have to take you to the next time you visit Columbia.

D: Sounds like a plan!

A: Since you've already been to my other favorite place, 116 State.

D: Yes, and it was wonderful! I will say, that this past week I discovered an amazing Pinot Noir at Carriage House. It was Fog Head? I think I'd heard of it before but it was the first time I'd had it, and it was delicious!

A: Oooh! I'll have to look for it here. Pinot Noir is one of my favorite varieties, though I'm still very much a novice when it comes to wine.

D: It's my favorite these days, but I like a good Cabernet too. i'm not a fan of Merlot, and about the only white I like is Pinot Grigio.

A: I'm still working on developing my palette for whites...

D: I love trying new things though, and when I've been to formal tastings I try to choose varieties I don't normally care for, just to expand my horizons a bit.

A: I guess that's the only way to learn to appreciate new things. And it's especially fun when you can try them at a local vineyard or with someone who can really explain it to you so you know what to look for. Which should be another blogger meet-up sometime. There are great vineyards in the mountains and near the coast around here.

D: There really are. I have been to Victoria Valley and I really liked what they had to offer. There are a few near the coast I'd like to try sometime too. We'll have to look into that for a warmer weather meet-up!

A: Yep!

D: Sitting on a patio sipping wine? Sounds like heaven to me!

A: I concur.

D: Well, I have really enjoyed chatting with you!!

A: I've had a good time too!

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