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November's Just Cause

As you all know I've been working with Tiffany from Mrs Pate Writes on the Just Cause Project. This month we are working with Journey Together. Read Tiffany's introduction to see how you can be involved.


November’s Just Cause is Journey Together Ministries, I couldn’t be more excited.  See this cause has my heart, my soul, and my tears. Journey Together is a is a non-profit organization & community, with the mission to disciple, equip and mobilize the church to care for vulnerable and orphaned children through the process of adoption, foster care and orphan care. They accomplish this mission by supporting families financially, emotionally and spiritually throughout the process of adoption and post adoption and by bringing awareness to the needs of orphans both domestically and internationally.

Here is the question I always get: 
“Are you adopting?”
Answer: No. Not right now, if we do it will be a few years down the road. 
Which is always promptly followed by this question: “then why are you involved?”

Here’s why…

I am a Christian. If you’ve been around this blog at all you are not surprised by this, but because I call my a follower of Christ I also believe that He called all of us to take care of the orphans, to help the fatherless, to be the hands and feet and do something. 

Something doesn’t always equal adoption.
Sometimes something equals speaking out on the issue.
Being aware there are 147 million orphans.
Doing something sometimes means helping others that are in the process of adopting, 
and that’s what I am doing.

That’s what Journey Together does. So here’s some of the great ways you can help. 

Adopt a
Meet Them Here

Hope Families are families that have been accepted to receive The Hope Fund. The Hope Fund gives you the opportunity to come alongside and support a specific family that you may know or they can select a family for you that have the greatest immediate need. This program is designed to be set on a credit card recurring monthly basis. A full sponsorship is $40 per month. You can do more than one sponsorship or you can even do a partial sponsorship for as little as $10 per month. You may also make a one-time donation. 100% of funds that you donate toward a family will be given to their fund. Journey Together does not charge these families a fee. 

Spread the word.

This is actual the heart behind Just Cause. Informing others of the causes and needs out there in the world. So why don’t you blog about it? Share what you feel knowing that there are 147 million orphans out there. Read more about Journey Together and what they are doing, and share.  
Don’t forget November is also Orphan Awareness month!
Link up here if you have blogged about Journey Together. 


I know a lot of times this adoption process comes down to money. I might not have a huge margin to give but, I do make stuff and I can give a percentage. This is by no way a “woot look at me” comment, but many times when I set up a table at a craft show, or for a month on my Etsy shop, I would give a percentage from those days to an adopting family. Last year a sweet lady even hosted an event for an adopting family and invited tons of craft vendors to set up in her house and every vender donated a percentage from their sales that day to the family.
Honestly every time I do an event like that my heart is just over flowing! I might leave with my pockets a little lighter, but a mommy who is trying to get their child home leaves with their pockets a little heaver.
Want to donate a percentage of your online shop to Journey Together for their Hope Families?
Link up here.

When you link up I will be contacting you to showcase your items for others to purchase this month. Don’t forget your donations are tax deductible. 

Get to know The Heart of Adoption.

Come back all this month to Just Cause. Every week we are going to be telling the story of a family and their adoption story. I’ll share a little more about my heart, why it breaks so much for these children.

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