Monday, November 5, 2012

November Vine Introductions #1

This is the first month of The Vine on Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl. Each month I will feature up to five blogs and five shops for FREE in my side bar. In addition participants will have an opportunity to participate in group giveaways, blog post features, and introduction posts. I hope to meet and get to know a lot of new bloggers this way. Since it is free, instead of a paid promotion, I hope people will be more understanding with me on those days I don't get to do as much, and by only taking on five blogs and five shops, I shouldn't get overwhelmed with it.

Because this is the first month and I was still figuring out how it would work, I have NINE people to introduce you to!!

For the sake of your attention span and mine I've broken them into two groups.

Hey there Sweet Southern fans! I'm Nicole, the Kentucky girl (married to a Texas boy) behind the blog, Three 31. I've been called the modern day Dr. Ruth for my appreciation of all things 50 Shadesand Christian Gray. When I'm not cooking, baking, or watching re-runs of The Real Housewives, I'm at church coordinating events and leading mission teams. In fact, I've recently returned from a second mission trip to Haiti. I'm an only child and chronic people-pleaser, which means I have issues. Lucky for me: my issues are cured with Mason jars filled with sweet tea. C'mon over to Three 31 and say hello, glad to meet you!


Hello lovers! My name is Erin and I have a little blog named Everything According to Erin. A little about me? I have a huge small shopping addiction. I also love cosmetics and I'm constantly reviewing different trends and products. I have a weakness for recreating outfits on Pinterest and trying out new recipes. Follow along as I start to plan a wedding (I'm recently engaged), look for a house and start my career all while staying sane AND fashionable.

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Hi, I'm Aubrey from High-Heeled Love. I'm a shoe-lover (obviously) but the blog isn't just about footwear.  It started as a wedding blog,  but it quickly turned into a collection of sharing my favorite stories and girly things.  Expect adventures in South Carolina with a healthy dose of coffee and wine!


Hi everyone! My name is Cait and I blog at Fierce Fabulous and Fit. I've been blogging almost two years now and I can't imagine doing anything else. Blogging has brought me to meet so many incredible people like yourself just wanting to share their stories with other people. The blogging community has been so supportive when I first became engaged, chatted about wedding planning and now about being a newlywed and starting a great job. I love chatting about my family, friends and of course attempting new recipes and work outs! Stop on by because I'm always happy to meet and chat with all of you!


So go check these girls out! Do you want to be a part of next month's Vine? Spots are already filling up so SIGN UP NOW to get your name in there! Come back Thursday to meet some more awesome ladies!


Nicole M. Hutchison said...

Hi Danielle!!!! Thanks so much for this shout-out and opportunity to be a part of Sweet Southern Girl. Big hugs to you, Friend. =)

Nicole @ Three 31

Aubrey S. said...

I love this! Do you have a button that for The Vine that I could put in my sidebar to send a little traffic back your way?