Friday, October 19, 2012

Now what did we learn?

Remember when you were a kid and you got hurt? And after consoling you your mother/grandmother/whoever helped you up would turn that 'all-knowing look' your way and say "Now, what did we learn?"

Yeah, that was the worst. Because the pain of falling on the concrete wasn't enough, you need to make me say out loud the stupid thing I did.

Anyway, not the point. I don't think I've done anything too stupid this week. At least if I have I'm not fessing up yet.

But I have learned a few trivial things.

1. Dropping a peppermint into a hot Mocha is delicious. Possibly better than the actual peppermint shot they use at the coffee shop.

2. No matter how cold it is when you get up in the morning, in SC you must always check the high temperature forecast. 72* is much too warm for long sleeves, tights, and boots. (I manage to forget this every year) ... also this could be the stupid thing I clearly forgot about earlier.

3. Getting 5 packages in one day is definitely like Christmas. BUT opening said packages with a three year old will dampen your excitement over business cards and stationary. (She wasn't impressed) Not to mention, her insistence that you open 'more' when everything has already been opened makes you feel like something was missing.

4. When you are PMSing, don't bother bringing your lunch, come 12:00 you will be in the mood for something else.

What about you? Did you learn anything this week?


Aubrey S. said...

Oh, girl! It's Friday! I want a happier post =)

Babes Mami said...

Nate gets excited every time a package comes and no matter what it is he insists we open it and then tries to claim ownership. Oh, three year olds!

angel shrout said...

Just a heads up, the package thing doesn't improve with age.. Mine still do it. All. The..time

JKT said...

YEP, YEP, YEP. I agree with you on so much. Especially when I dress like it's snowing outside in the mornings because I'm freezing only to go outside at noon and it's 75. Awesome. Annnnddd I've learned to NEVER pack my lunch during my PMS week- I ALWAYS want something or NOTHING at all :)