Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free Sponsorship?

I've always been hesitant of blog sponsorships. I don't like to pay for them, because I had a not so pleasant experience and I don't find it to be a good investment for me personally. However, I love networking. I don't just do it to promote my blog and get more followers, I like meeting the people behind some of the blogs that I read and enjoy. 

I don't think I will ever personally accept paid sponsorships because I don't trust myself to deliver what people may expect. When things get busy I may forget to plug a shop on facebook, or if work runs away from me one week I may not get a post out on time. There are any number of things that could come up and I just don't feel comfortable trying to get money that way.

However, as I mentioned, I love networking. I would really like to have a couple of individuals to promote each month. So I'm going to use November as a test run to see how I can handle taking on some unpaid sponsorships. Meaning basically, if you are interested, just sign up!

I'm already planning a giveaway for November, so it's a good time to test the waters. I'm only going to accept five eight blogs/shops for November. I don't want to risk getting overwhelmed.

Are you interested in being promoted? If so, simply fill out THIS FORM and I will be in touch.

I'm full for November! I'm looking forward to working with these nine ladies!


holli said...

Sweet! I signed up. I'll always be a supporter for you girlie!!

sarah s. said...

Wow! I hope you post (in the future) about how it's going. I have NO idea how the whole sponsership thing works but I'm sure a lot goes into it. Good Luck!