Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation Bliss with Lyzz

So today is the first official day of my vacation and I'm heading down to see my family on our way to the beach! Lyzz is guest posting for me today about from her recent vacation where she got to see some of her family too! Lyzz is probably one of the coolest bloggers I know. If you aren't already following her go check out her space, you'll love her too!

Hey friends of Danielle!  I’m Lyzz and I blog over at Defying Gravity.  My blog is a “free spirit”.
I guess I would be considered a lifestyle blog that moonlights as a military spouse! 

So today, let’s talk vacations!! J

I’m currently on a vacation myself visiting my family in Salt Lake City, Ut.
I grew up here from the age of 10 to 22.  I hated it, but as I was driving around yesterday I felt like now that I am older, I appreciate everything here; the mountains, the scenery, Park City, downtown SLC, the shopping, and the eating.  I could deal with it now!
Mt. Olympus

I love spending time with my nieces.  I have two adorable babies that are very fun despite how SNOOTY they get!  They’ve had a traumatic childhood so I forgive them.

Me and my nieces
The first thing I always do when I make it into SLC, is pick them up from Daycare.  I normally come on a week day in the summer time, so I know they are there!

My next stop is La Frontera.  You cannot “grow up” here and not eat at La Frontera.  Best smothered burritos with extra cheese and rise you’ve ever had!  We got that on Thursday night.  I have noticed that I have become a chips and salsa snob, now that I’ve been treated with the chips and salsa we get at On the Border in Fayetteville! 

I always get Einsteins as well for breakfast when I drop my mom off at work!  Asiago bagles and Strawberry cream cheese!
I always have to drive by my old stomping grounds; The high school, my old house, the job I had in high school, and the old mall we used to spend HOURS at doing nothing but trying on clothes and walking around.  Sadly the old mall is demolished and only Macy’s is there.  It looks weird having this HUGE macy’s in the middle of nowhere.  They should do something about that.
My high school
Do you ever feel RUSHED on a vacation?  I came out here for a week, but you figure 1 ½ days of that is traveling, and then you’re spending your  time between parents, siblings, nieces and then you want to see friends but so far, I am exhausted and haven’t had time to even meet up with old friends.
The time change, even though its only 2 hours has thrown me off completely.
Me and Mom
I’m starving at like 6am; I’m exhausted by 7pm.  I feel really old, but I know it’s just the time difference.
One thing after vacation I look forward to is sleeping in my own bed!  No bed is ever the same, and I have like 3 pillows I need to sleep. 

What are your favorite things to do when you go certain places on vacation?

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DJ said...

Nice post! I've never thought of visiting SLC but you made it look and sound like fun! Going to check out your blog now...