Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Girls Raised In The South

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PhotobucketWhitney from The Observant Turtle

My name is Whitney and I blog over at The Observant Turtle! I'm a Carolina girl living in Texas with my husband. I've been blogging for about a year now and I've met so many great people. My blog is a collection of my adventures in a new city with food, fashion, fun, and everything in between
D: I start all my chats with three questions for you. Where are you? What are you wearing? And What are you drinking? (Foxworthy anyone?)

Whitney (W):  Cool! I'm in my kitchen, I'm wearing some pj shorts from Aerie and one of my husband's oooold t-shirts from Aeropostale, and I'm about to pour myself a glass of lemonade!

D: Lemonade sounds amazing. I'm drinking a Diet Coke right now, but I'm heading to the kitchen to brew some sweet tea in a few minutes.

W: Mmm, sweet tea. I'm actually about to make some myself! I discovered these new cold brew packets that I am just in LOVE with! No boiling of water required. (a huge timesaver for me!) One of my first blog posts was actually about sweet tea!

D: Life isn't the same without it!

W: It really isn't.

D: So, we're talking about Southern Raisin'. What is your favorite thing about growing up in the South?

W: Hmmmm.... let's see.... I have a couple, actually. First of all, I loved the history of everything. We used to have picnics with my entire family all the time at the Cowpens Battlefield. How awesome is that, to just have history around you? Next, the FOOD. Oh man. Seriously, I love it.

D: Yeah, the food is unreal! What are your three favorite southern dishes? 

W: Can I make fried chicken, green beans, and macaroni pie one dish? That's my favorite thing that my mom makes! Then, my mom makes this cake called Wet Chocolate Cake from scratch. It's amazing! Nothing beats Neese's sausage... that stuff is so good!

D: Have you ever had Mississippi Mud Cake? That's probably my favorite dessert.

W: I haven't! What is it? That sounds delish!

D: It's a thick chocolate cake, almost brownie cosistency, with marshmallows, pecans and chocolate icing (homemade) it's basically a cardiac arrest waiting to happen.

W: Oh. my gosh. That sounds so good!!!

D: It is! You know you're right about all the history in the South. You had South Carolina with all of the Civil War History growing up, and now you're in Texas. There is probably some really interesting places there too! (Even besides the Alamo!0

W: There is! unfortunately I haven't really been able to visit many places since I got here in January, but going from one state that has a lot of state pride to another with the same amount of state pride.. it's really interesting!

D:  I bet! I've visited Texas a few times, it's really interesting!
I think one of my favorite things about growing up in the South was playing outside. I grew up in a rural area. We had a scupernong vine in the back yard and we ran around barefoot until it turned dark every night.

W: That sounds so beautiful! We lived in a mill village, so everything was close. At least to some extent! Our church was right across the street and we would ride our bikes in the parking lot and play on the church steps!

D: How funny! I lived two blocks from mine and there was a baseball field in between. So what has been the biggest difference between SC and TX?

W: I actually just wrote a verrry long post about all of the differences but I'd say that the main difference is the people. Back home everyone is just so casual and polite and make small talk and here it's like everyone is rushing.

D: I can see that. What are some southern rules you live by?

W: One of the main things that I live by is always being kind to everyone. I appreciate it even more now, I think. Just giving a smile or a wave to people is such a nice gesture. I used to laugh at the old men that would nod their heads to each other as they drove by in their trucks, but I miss that! I would have to say that something else that I live by (but have struggled with a little recently) is to always appreciate the small things. That's something that we really did growing up because we didn't have much.

D:  I feel the same way. We didn't have a lot of extras growing up but somehow it seems like that might have been better in some ways. I do love going to the grocery store and just carrying on a conversation with the clerk. You're right that people are in less of a hurry around here. I'll admit from time to time it tests my patience, but that's ok. *grin*
Another rule I live by is no white after Labor Day. Some of my friends think I'm silly but I adhere to that rule.

W:  I actually have never really owned that much white to decide on a rule! haha. But this year I did buy a white dress and white pants. We'll see what I decide. I wonder if people stretch the rules here since it stays hot for so long?

D:  I don't know. It could be a Carolina thing for all I know, but my grandma lived by it and so do I! *smiling*

W:  I totally forgot that Labor Day had that rule. Glad you reminded me!

D: So are you more of a beach girl or a mountain girl? Most of the people I know around here are split.

W: Growing up, we did both. We took a trip each year to Myrtle Beach, but often took trips up to the mountains throughout the year for picnics and drives! I'd have to say though, some of the turns on the BLue Ridge parkway scare me a little. that might influence me to choose beach!

D: I can see that. I'm influenced significantly by the weather. I love to hike and drive through the mountains during the milder seasons, but if it's hot (like it has been this summer) I want a stretch of beach and a good book. And I prefer Charleston area beaches to Myrtle, it's just too crowded for me.

W: I'm the same way! If it's fall, I'm totally hiking!

D: Well Whitney, thank you so much for chatting with me!

W: Thank you for chatting with me!!

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Amber in South Carolina said...

So hear you on the Charleston vs Myrtle beaches! You should try Pawleys one day too! It's in between both. It's more of a sleepy beach town than either. But a lot less people! :)

Ashley said...

Love this q&a sesh. What a fun idea. I'm an NC girl and I would have to add hush puppies to that food list!

Caroline said...

My dad was military, so I grew up all around. Live in SC now, and I love it! However, I do prefer the FL panhandle beaches to SC beaches. The town I live in is small, and I love the whole small town friendly thing. I don't think that just a southern thing, but a small town thing. I've lived in the north, the west and overseas. I think we can find nice people where ever we find ourselves, as long as we are kind and friendly in return.

Amber said...

This is SUCH a fun idea for a post!