Monday, August 27, 2012

Did ya miss me?

Is there anything worse than the Monday after a vacation? Getting up and going into work this morning wasn't exactly easy. We had a great time though. Instead of doing a wordy post I thought I'd link up with Phone Photo Monday and share pics. My camera died right away on the trip and I forgot to pack my charger so all the pics I got are on my phone.

 When we got off work Friday we met J's parents for a wine tasting in Greenville. We had a lot of fun and bought a really yummy champagne to take with us on the trip. We stayed in Mt. Pleasant.
The Bed and Breakfast we stayed at had yummy Strawberry Lemonade cookies when we checked in. J backed my car into a rock wall almost as soon as we got there. The wall won.

We got dressed up (and by me I really mean I, though J looked very nice) and went to dinner in Charleston our first night there. We stopped at Kaminsky's for dessert after dinner, then came back and opened the champagne we brought. This last shot was the view out the window where they served breakfast. I never took pictures of the awesome breakfast spread. I always thought of my stomach first.

We spent all day Wednesday on the beach. It was glorious.


We rode over to Sullivan's Island and got lunch at Poe's Tavern. I found a black feather on the way. We joked that it must be from The Raven. That night we rode back into town and had Hyman's for dinner. I sat at the table where Barbara Streisand ate!

We decided to get up early Thursday and go to the beach for sunrise. It was cloudy, so it wasn't exactly what we planned for, but it was still beautiful.

After the beach we went back to my family's. J had a Bachelor Party Weekend to attend so I stayed with them while he partied hard. I got all my hair cut off, had 'poor people smores' and played clue. There's also a picture my my pretty mama and my sister's dog in there. I had a blast. I really hate that vacation is over! 



Aubrey S. said...

Poe's has some of the best burgers, though we usually head to Station 22 (across the street) because that's where we had our wedding reception. Looks like a great vacation.

Delana Jones said...

I adore Poe's, they make my favorite burgers! I love Mt. Pleasant and Shem Creek. Glad you had fun but also glad you're back!

holli said...

Your haircut is too cute! Glad you had a good time and yes we did miss you. Your guest bloggers did a great job though.

JulieBug said...

Welcome back from vacation! It is always tough to readjust to "real life". I love your haircut and those beach photos. Sigh. I miss the beach.

Anonymous said...

Aw bummer about your car! Love your new hair cut! Super cute

JKT said...

Looks like a great week! Love Charleston! Hope adjusting into the week goes smoothly!!

Barfly said...

You didn't happen to go to the Sand Dollar Club on Folly Beach did you?
It's my personal favorite. Google it if you don't know it.

Babes Mami said...

Loving your hair!!!