Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Top Ten!

In my former blogging life I used to do a Top Ten post on Tuesdays. I thought I'd resurrect that today.

The Top Ten Reasons I love August!

10. I can stop dreading leather seats for a few months. I hate sticking to the leather in J's car during the summer. I also hate wearing a tank top and not being able to relax because the seats are so hot!

9. My birthday is next month. So I'm not older yet, but I get to start the "all about me" process that leads up to "my day".

8. When I exercise (hiking, walking, etc.) I don't have to look like a gross fat girl anymore. Summer heat makes me sweat like a pig on the roaster.

7. Tax Free Shopping Anyone? Don't you love that you don't actually have to be a student to benefit from that one!

6. New clothes. The Fall Fashions are starting to come out and while I love my sundresses, I really really love fall clothes. Jeans, boots, scarfs, love it!

5. Costume Shopping. Perhaps I've mentioned my love of costumes before? I'm already planning Halloween this year. 
4. Lunch Dates with friends are once again kid free! Don't judge me. You know that lunch dates with girlfriends just aren't as much fun when you have to censor yourself for the nosy 10 year old peering over the booth behind your head.

3. I can sit outside again for longer than 30 minutes without fear that the humidity is going to suffocate me. Dinner on the patio anyone?

2. I can use a hairdryer again! (Mine has been under a cabinet since May)

1. I'm going to the beach next week.... after school starts back.

What do you love about August?


holli said...

Ok, i'm in Dallas and August is the most dreaded month for everyone here because it's always Scorching hot.
1. Football preseason games start this month and thats HUGE!
2. State Fair is next month so we're closer to that.
3. The movie theaters and malls aren't so crowded now that school has started.
4. I still have tons of days left to wear my flip flops and sundresses.

5. We can ride the Harley at nights once the sun goes down and not need to bring a jacket.

6. The summer drinks at Starbucks are still available.

Laura said...

I am glad that I am not the only one that I already planning my Halloween costume and party! Love your blog


angel shrout said...

That costume is too cute. I don't think you were ever the fat girl regardless of what pics you put up to prove otherwise. We have the fire pit and the side yard which I am loving on the cooler nights we are finally having now..

Rae Rae said...

Ha ha you're better than me my philosophy is if you don't want your kids knowing about how drunk I got last night then keep them in their seat :)

Meghan said...

I think I'm most excited about fall shopping, too!

Babes Mami said...

Sweating like a fat girl is my thing no matter the weather if I'm exerting more then shopping amount of energy. My favorite is what I call '457 pound man walking to the bathroom' that is what happens when I, the girl born and raised in the midwest plains, hikes up a mountain with Chris, the boy born and raised in the rockies. That altitude gets me EVERY TIME and he just trots along like it's nothing even thought I'M the one who works out lol