Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a couple of Winos

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Hi everyone!! My name is Samantha and I'm a 20-something girl trying to make it by day by day. Over the last year I have discovered a love for healthy living and fitness. Not only do I work full time (as an accountant), but still find time for lots of hobbies including reading, knitting, yoga, and tasting lots of wine! I love spending time with my boyfriend, family, and friends. I am blessed to have so much support on my journey. By sharing my experiences and trials, I hope to inspire and help others on their journey as well!

D: Hiya!

S: Hello! How's it going?

D: Great! How about you?

S: Not ready to be back at work after vacation, haha.

D: I'm never ready to be back at work, even without a vacation!

S: True story.

D: So I start all my chats with the same three questions, where are you? what are you wearing? and what are you drinking? (Jeff Foxworthy inspired)

S: I am at work in Wichita, KS. Today I'm wearing my half marathon t-shirt, black workout pants and my pink pumas. I'm currently drinking water and coffee (not together).

D: Well I'm glad for that! I'm not sure about watered down coffee *grins*
So where do you work that you're lucky enough for casual Monday?

S: I work at a grain elevator, so it's basically one step above pjs.

D: What's a grain elevator? Sorry, I'm curious... and from SC which may explain my lack of knowledge on this one.

S: No worries! It's a place where grain (wheat, corn, milo, soybeans) are stored before they are shipped out. We are a huge facility. We can hold over 35 million bushels of grain.

D: Wow, that's really interesting! But I imagine there is still no drinking on the job, *laughs* (Like how I brought us to topic with very little finess? I'm good like that.)

S: On the record, No.

D: Haha,  I love it. So we're talking about wine. What's your poison?

S: Almost anything red. Reds are my favorite, usually a Zinfandel or Cabernet.

D: I'm a Cab girl myself, but I also really like a good Petite Syrah and I've recently discovered a love for Pinot Noir.

S: Pinot Noirs are great, especially when you want a lighter red. Merlots are really the only reds I'm not a huge fan of.

D: Same here! They're just too dry for me I guess. Do your tastes change in the summertime? I've grown to love Red Moscato or a light Sangria when it's so hot outside.

S: Summertime, Yes! All week on vacation I drank a lot of whites, Sauvingon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. I try to stay right in the middle for whites. Moscatos are too sweet, but Chardonay is too dry.

D: I've honestly not had a lot of whites. I had a few varieties a couple of years ago and they weren't for me at all. Then the other week I discovered I like Pinot Grigio ok, so now that's in my list too.

S: I started with White Zinfandel and slowly built through whites into reds.

D: I guess that's where I'm a little different, I jumped straight into reds. I drank White Zin for a little while but I really don't care for it anymore.

S: I pretty much only drink it when I'm sharing with a friends who doesn't drink wine, haha.

D: So have you ever been to any awesome wineries or vineyards?

S: Nope, living in KS really narrows down my choices. We have a few wineries around here, but they mostly make berry wine. Not my thing.

D: Yeah, I know what you mean. I visited a winery in NC with my boyfriend last year. It wasn't too bad, but all of the wines were so sweet! They did have a really interesting Peach wine though.

S: That would be interesting. This is a link for a Zinfandel I bought that I can't wait to try!

D: Ooo, that looks very nice. You know, I just found out about a vineyard that is about an hour from me that isn't berry wines and I'm eager to go try it out!

S: I would love to visit a vineyard! One dream of mine is to take that train ride through Napa and visit all the vineyards.

D: Me too! I would love to go to Napa. it's going to happen sometime soon, I'm determined. Maybe in the next two years? I also really want to go to Italy.

S: I'm shooting for France in the next two years.

D: My boyfriend's employer is headquartered in France and I keep hoping he'll get sent over so that I can tag along :)

S: That would be a dream!

D: Wouldn't it!? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

S: Does your boyfriend like wine?

D: He does.

S: Lucky!

D: He prefers imported beers, but he likes wine too so we can do some tastings and such together. It's nice.

S: I hope that my boyfriend acquires a taste for it later in life.

D: Was wine an instant love for you or was it acquired?

S: It was an acquired taste. I went through a big vodka stage.

D: I was never much for liquor in college, or should I say it wasn't much for me? I got sick a lot. So I learned to drink wine. I could sip longer and it didn't make me sick.... often.

S: I used to be like that! Now I can put away a bottle easily every night. I don't know if I should be proud of that or not, *laughs*

D: I won't tell! The other awesome thing about wine (and having friends who love it too) is that it's an awesome hostess gift!

S: Yes! I got at least 6 bottles for my graduation in December.

D: That's awesome!

S: Although, here's a question. You have a friend who drinks wine and loves it, but usually drinks red. Do you give them your favorite wine (a white) or a red they will enjoy?

D: I usually get something I think they will like, though I sometimes try to find something they haven't tried before.

S: That's what I thought. A few people gave me whites and I was perplexed. I drank them anyways *laughs*.

D: That's funny maybe they were trying to change your tastes!

S: Never! *laughs*

D: Well it has been great chatting with you! Thanks for joining me!

S: No problem!

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Rae Rae said...

I think i need to get more wine savvy and you and I can go to vinyard together. fun? i think so