Thursday, July 26, 2012


Its Ok Thursdays

So I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for their One Year Anniversary edition of Its Ok Thursday, complete with a giveaway!


...that I'm SO excited about Palmetto Bloggers. We have 25 people so far and it's a bunch of awesome people! 

...that I'm excited to have chatted with Mrs. Pate last night about some exciting ideas, but that I also kept thinking about how awful I looked on the little webcam.

...that I'm thrilled to take my grandmother to Olive Garden tonight. She's never been and she very excited.

...that I'm not sold on Wen Hair Care just yet. I kinda thought I'd be seeing a difference by now? We'll see. I"ll give it a full three weeks, but if I don't like it, I'm done.

...that I love sending out packages and orders. I have 5 packages to put in the mail today, 3 orders, one giveaway prize, and one t-shirt for Whitney! ask again for sponsors for my Fairy Tale Giveaway in a few weeks! I can't wait to talk about my love of fairy tales for a whole week! have found the house that I want, even though we aren't technically looking yet, and selfishly hoping it is still on the market when we are.

...that I've stopped counting how many It's Ok posts I've done and I now have multiple posts with the same title.

...that I'd rather not do my job this morning, because I don't like sitting in courtrooms.

...that I'm counting down the days to vacation, even if I am staying in state.

What's ok with you today?


Kristin said...

I put dates on my It's OK posts. But I still can't tell them apart!

DJ said...

There's no way you looked anything other than great on the webcam, you're very pretty and quite photogenic!

Aubrey S. said...

I'm really excited about the Palmetto Bloggers group too. Such a great idea!

Babes Mami said...

We love to house browse! I'm always looking back home at houses that are up for grabs, the house I grew up in is still for sale. I would love to live there! It's way too big for the three of us or even if we turned to five eventually.