Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blog Star: Hi I'm Danielle

Today is such a weird day. It's the day before a holiday, but it isn't Friday so I couldn't wear jeans to work. I would have a Talk to Me Tuesday post but my sisters were with me this weekend and I had to reschedule my chat. I looked at a blank screen for 30 minutes last night!

So I'm going to link-up with Mrs. Monologues for Blog Star.

Mrs. Monologues

This is me!

I'm 27 years old and I think blogging rocks. I work a lot, and I play hard. I'm crazy about my boyfriend J, and I am close with my sisters. I'm a Christian Liberal in South Carolina who doesn't enjoy debating, don't you just know that's fun during an election year.

This is my baby. He is staying with J for a while, and I miss the little fur ball during the week.

I like to make pretty things, and I like to get involved with causes I believe in. (I've been accused of being a walking cause. To which I said 'Thanks so much!')

Speaking of causes? Check out my link in the side bar for The Blogger Bra Drive. You can visit my post for details on how to participate!

It's nice to meet you all :)


Mrs. Monologues said...

A blogger bra drive is a super fun idea! I need to go through my drawers now. I think it is great that you support what you believe in! Thanks so much for linking up!

Rae Rae said...

Liam is such a Diva! "Please no pictures"

Between the Bind said...

I want to snuggle your fur ball... :)

Blog Star drop by!

Would love to have you stop on over to my little corner of the internet if you'd like! :) Looking forward to what you post next.