Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You noticed right?

I'm busted. I stopped with Weigh-In Wednesday. Mainly because I was embarassed. Not only was I not working out and not losing, I actually gained five pounds since I first said I was going to start!

I had a wake-up call this weekend though. My whole family and J and his parents (plus like 10 more I think) are participating in a Biggest Loser Style Competition. Everyone went in $20. 

Last week my little sis lost 6 pounds. J lost 8. I gained 3.

Way to go me. Off to great start.

So, I decided it was time to whip my own ass and get into gear. I've gone so far as to create a notebook. I have weekly pages with my previous and current weight, measurements, achievements from the past week, and goals for the next week.

My daily pages are for food journaling, exercise logging, and calculating my food exchanges. 

I'm using the First Place exchange system to monitor my eating habits. It's a church-based healthy living program I did when I was in high school. It works very well and the weight-loss is easier to maintain because it's steady and balanced. I kept it of for a long time before, it took nearly a decade to gain it back.

I've also got a section for healthy recipes and meal planning, and there is a place I'm putting pictures of myself. Nothing is more honest (or motivating) than pictures.

I have Sub-Goals, and I'm rewarding myself with specific items along the way. My first goal is 20lbs in six weeks. I know it's going to be hard, but I also know that if I eat healthy and work-out regularly I can do it. 

The event is J's sister's Bridal Shower. 20 pounds will put me back where I was when we first started dating, and I'll be meeting some of his family from out of town. When I get there I'm buying new bras :) (I love lingerie so while yes this technically is a necessity item, it's also an indulgence for me.)

Instead of Weigh-In Wednesdays I'm going to switch to Motivation Mondays. If I have progress to report or goals to share I will, but this way it doesn't always have to be about pounds lost. I can include water intake, exercise goals, even general life organization stuff.

So wish me luck, I'm already doing better than I have been, the first three pounds came off already (no big surprise since I'm now drinking water the way I should) and I've got a lot of support and accountability around me right now.

Side Note: I'm also participating in the Fab to Flab Challenge, if you are working toward a goal you should consider hooking up with this awesome group for support!

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