Monday, June 4, 2012

More than Yesterday, Less than Tomorrow

Saturday I went to a Vow Renewal Ceremony on the lake. My grandparents (Step-dad's parents) have been married 50 years, and they decided to renew their vows and have a big party with the family. So about 20 of us piled onto a two bedroom houseboat and headed out on the lake. It was very sweet. My step-dad performed the service and their kids and grandkids were all there.

After the (very cute) ceremony they took a few minutes to talk about how happy they were and Papa said when they were young and dating they would write letters. They always signed them, More than Yesterday & Less then Tomorrow. He said that to this day they love each other more every day. I thought it was really really sweet. 

It was a fun day and I got to bask in the sun with these awesome people.

I also discovered Instagram had an Android App on Friday, as I'm sure you can see :) So here's hoping for an awesome week!

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