Thursday, June 28, 2012

Because Chocolate Milk is the Cure

Its Ok Thursdays


...that all I've wanted to do this week is nap, and I haven't gotten to even once!

...that I'm walking with the girls tonight for the second time this week! Woo Hoo! Three days here I come!

...that I'm going to spend Friday night and Saturday morning cooking for J's "come see my new place" shindig. the truth is I am loving cooking lately, and it's fun to introduce people to new ideas!

...that I'm finally out of my apartment! Yay! Granted, I'm not done with them yet, but hopefully very soon.

...that I had my first filling yesterday and it wasn't too bad. I also realized that I hate the whole Novocaine situation. My lip felt like a baseball and it was incredibly uncomfortable.

... that my sister is coming to see me this weekend!! Actually she's coming to town to see a lot of family but I pretend it's because she loves me so much, and that's really why she's staying 4 days :)

Aren't we awesome?
...that I really hate being broke. I'm not going hungry or wearing clothes with holes in them (actually I do have a shirt and a skirt with holes but until someone notices I'm going to keep wearing them) I am just tired of not being able to buy simple things when I want them.

...that I cannot wait to get my Wen Hair Care tomorrow! My hair has gotten out of control, so I'm giving it a shot! (I realize this contradicts the $$ statement above, but bear in mind my boyfriend assisted me with this)

...that we've finally set aside space for my jewelry making table and supplies. I'm so excited, I might actually get some stuff done next week! Woo Hoo!

I'm Thankful!

...for friends and family who are incredibly supportive of my weight loss.

...for my amazing boyfriend and everything he's done to help me in this moving process.

...for my quirky grandmother who I didn't even realize I could love more than I already did until I moved in with her.

...for chocolate milk. I was in one hell of a bad mood last night and Chocolate Milk cured me.

How is it with you? Are you OK? Thankful?


Lyzz said...

I've thought about making jewelry, but I always feel I'm hopping on the boat too late. I like that pic of you and your sissy. I'm really close with mine as well.

holli said...

Do you and your sister have matching tattoos? That is so cool! My BF is moving this weekend and it's hotter than blazes here. You're so lucky to be done moving.
I wish i had someone near me to walk with.

Meghan said...

Chocolate milk can definitely cure anything! I love this:)

Delana Jones said...

You two are awesome! Love to read your blog and can't wait to see you!

Amanda said...

Oh gosh, I haven't had chocolate milk in forever! Now I want some :) I feel you on being broke! Not my favorite by far, ha!

Babes Mami said...

I can relate to so many of these!!