Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursdays are Happy Days!

I love Thursdays. In part it's because tomorrow is Friday, in part it's because I do enjoy link-ups, and yet another part is because this particular Thursday is also payday. Granted, a lot of that paycheck is spoken for, but nonetheless there is money in the bank.

Its Ok Thursdays

So it's Thursday, and ITS OK...

To only be half looking forward to the weekend because while I love seeing my family, I'm not super excited about the activity.

To be excited that tonight I might actually work on jewelry orders in my new space! Between moving and being sick Tuesday I haven't really had a chance.

To be sad that I didn't make it to the track last night. It was just too late by the time we finished with dinner.

To spend a lot of time looking for healthy recipes for my favorite foods because I just can't make myself eat food I don't like in order to lose weight.

That I have been having really really weird engagement/wedding related dreams and I'm not even engaged yet? (Maybe this one isn't so ok...)

To be very ready for lunch with my bestie!

To be going crazy with braids! I love my long hair but it's getting hot and I need it off of my neck!

To pimp out Neely's 1500 Follower Giveaway again because apparently I'm allowed to do this more than once, and I want to win :)

A Complete Waste of Makeup

What's OK with you this week? Link-up with Neely and Amber!

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